The Bully Project

Bully Project star, Alex Libby celebrates at the premiere party with a bevy of beauties

The worlds of fashion and film converged on Saturday night to celebrate the premiere of Lee Hirsch’s film, The Bully Project. The documentary gives a bird’s eye view into America’s bullying crisis, by focusing on the struggles of real kids across the country, all of whom have been the targets of bullying. The star studded after party may have been filled with models and celebrities, but the real standouts of the evening were the film’s young subjects.

Given the impact of the bullying epidemic, it is no surprise that everyone had an opinion on the subject. Joan Smalls, hoped the film would raise awareness and applauded the bravery of the kids featured. “I thank them for being a part of the film because there are so many people who don’t speak about it and remain silent, this was really courageous of them.” Pop star, Sky Ferreira was similarly optimistic, ” I don’t expect the film to end bullying, but I feel like it will make people more aware of it and it may also prove a point to the school and to the kids involved in the bullying.”

Joan Smalls and a young fan

Hanaa Ben Abdesslem

Director Lee Hirsch enjoys a moment with the film’s stars

Ajak Deng and Hanaa Ben Abdesslem

Ajak Deng and Yulia Terentieva

Terry Gates and David Cunningham of IMG

David Cunningham with the film’s director, Lee Hirsch. David and Jeni Rose (not pictured) spearheaded IMG’s support for the project.

Kelby Johnson (center) and her girlfriend with Hanaa Ben Abdesslem and Mak Weinman

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  1. is that jourdann in the light pink dress? i cant really tell but whoever it is looks sensational in the group photo

  2. That’s so great they got involved with this movie , I now think Hanaa Ben Abdesslem is some sort of saint shes in so many of the photos with the kids from the movie

  3. The smile on Joan Smalls’ face looks like she genuinely happy to support The Bully Project. Doesn’t seem like she showed up simply to be a pretty face. It appears there’s lots of depth to her…even based on her quote. Estee Lauder may a really fine choice. I want a contract too!!!!!! haha

  4. I hope bullying ends soon and thank goodness for this film and the brave kids in it. And now that kid has a killer picture with the stunning Joan Smalls to give him a confidence booster anytime someone picks on him. ;)

  5. Hope this doesn’t sound stalkery but I saw Joan on the F train from Times Square this afternoon and she is the definition of a gorgeous woman. You know how there are models who pass as civilians whereas others are undeniably super human? Well, she’s in the latter catergory.


  6. The girl in the group photo in the light pink dress is the beautiful Shelby Coleman of IMG

  7. What a wonderful project. Congratulations to all involved in making this come to life. Bullying has to end now. Great photos, and kudos to David Cunningham and Jeni Rose of IMG for their dedication to this worthy film.

  8. i would bully these freakin little punks too, dorks! haha J.K. (Just Kidding), a great project here, and sky rules, also check out the badass song against bullying by radio silence nyc

  9. hmmmmm
    Thats not Jourdan-either thats Selita or Shelby Coleman-Im leaning more Towards Shelby because I see lots of IMG models.
    Charlotte Free
    what a great cause! It’s so nice when the industry loosens up and has fun.

  10. I like that Sky is there she has that songs “”Haters”’ should be the theme song for this movie .I wouldn’t have know about this Thanks Sky for twitting this …

  11. What a great cause ……Ilove Sky is there she is the hottest model around>…

  12. I love this not that it can stop bullying …love Sky to she tweeted this ….Sky you are my favorite new singer and model …

  13. Ajak Deng, are from SUDAN plz flee free to tell,am Akipi Edith, that’s my name baby.

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