1. its not her first season he did milan and paris last season his agent at models 1 is lying i know him very well

  2. When I said his first season, it was his first season in Milan,
    and just a couple of shows in Paris last time.. It was really
    his breakout season for SS09.

    I don’t think it’s fair to accuse someone of lying before you
    get the full story. We always like to give people the benefit of
    the doubt, here at MODELS.com. In this day and age of the
    anonymous Internet, people are always so quick to accuse. If you
    want to do that next time, at least sign your name so that we
    know that you have some legitimacy in the business.


  3. hey everyone! I’m new on here and just wanted to say hi!! Still trying to figure everything out.. :)

  4. Hi Noel,

    Welcome to MODELS.com! Just wanted to let you know though, that
    this is not a message board underneath the stories.. it’s for
    people to comment and talk about the story posted!

    Good luck!
    MODELS.com (mdc)

  5. but please betty relax i didnt not accuse u, im working as a model as well
    so that was the reason i write this. im a close friend with him we meet eachother in milan last season
    so that was the reason so please relax a bit i didnt not accuse u.

    daniel success models

  6. Hi Daniel,
    No, don’t worry, it wasn’t me I was talking about. You had said
    the agent was lying… which makes him sound unprofessional, which
    he is not… he’s totally professional! I always defend the
    agents, maybe it comes from being an ex agent myself! I guess
    Jeremy just did not do very many shows before for Milan..
    It’s not always the first season, especially if a model did
    exclusives before, we try to keep it to within the 1st/2nd season.

    Good luck,

  7. by the way, he looks kind of like Gaspard Ulliel..who’s verrrrry handsome…

  8. Beautiful face nice features and stunning eyes!!!

    Im sure this guy wont be a one season model but a someone to watch out for in the future!

  9. Incredible face,
    Most Definitley a Face that will be seen very much,
    On the catwalk, off the catwalk, editorials, and campaigns.
    Wish Jeremy all the best.

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