Adrian Ascending

Adrian/2pm Model Management, Ford Models,Ford Models Europe, Models 1, Beatrice Models. Photo: David Sims, editor: Joe McKenna, for Arena Hommes +, summer/autumn 08.

It takes a special male model to be able to shoot 21 pages in black and white and make them all compelling.This moody edit by David Sims, shot indoors and outdoors at a trailer park home and aluminum roofing; somehow all works as the backdrop to the haute clothes. Danish star Adrian proves yet again why he’s one of the steady workhorses in the top 50.




  1. By far this was the best editorial in that amazing issue.
    These pics are breathtaking

  2. Yes, AH+ just “gets” it. Wish more of the American mags
    (besides VMan) would be more daring.

  3. American Mags….why? Lets all pray for more European mags and give them big budgets to fly my boys over to shoot……..that will make portfolios look great again.

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