Next Nation Vacation

Valarie, Madeleine, Leigh,Julien, Maria, Lorenzo, Juergen, Faith, Joel, Stephen, Agnes, Versae, Ross, Dana, Tammy, Nikolina , Alessandra, Amanda at Next. Direct bookings of course

The next two weeks will be the last chance those hardworking modeling agents will get to take a breather before the madness of “The Shows” descend. Which is why it was very civilized of the Next nation to sweep their  agents from all their worldwide offices for a luxurious little Hamptons beach break last weekend. The food and wine flowed, the massuers massaged, the cameras clicked and now the troops are well rested and ready for war. Someone’s looking very flush right this minute we must say!

  1. Amanda!! – her huge posh voice encompassing the entire agency! I take it her & Versae are still at the London office? Wonder where Australian Sara that was at London Next is now? She was the nicest! Memories Memories!

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