1. WOW. I am VERY excited about this one. I havent seen something like this since Sasha, even Tanya.

  2. WOW. I am very excited about this one.
    This girl is as axciting as when Sasha or Tanya, first hit the scene

  3. this girl is everywhere. everybody is posting about her.
    she is really exciting-really different face. what i dont like is
    the fact that i c-she is so young.
    i can wait for her to develop. till than-still not my fav.
    my eyes r for now on magalie.

  4. she is 18! this is not young in modeling!

    I agree with Andrew, it is absolutely REFRESHING to see a model with beautiful brown eyes just like Magdalena!

    I cant wait to see more of Irina!

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