1. I just saw this girl yesterday, Nice body but her face looked nothing like this :(

  2. A Kate Moss look alike in the making (in the catwalk world!).
    Fresh face, young and innocent, tall, long-legged. Go Monika,

  3. this girl is a down to earth girl she is one of my closeseses friends. Go Monika

  4. Definitely a rising star.
    I have seen her face; she has grown up a few doors down from me in NC.
    Her face looks like this with or without makeup.
    A wholesome look, tall long-legged. A fresh face with beautiful lines, young and innocent. In some of her magazine photos like the Sept issue of Nylon Magazine she really shows her versatility. Those photos show a more sophisticate, elegant side with just a slight glimpse (tastefully done) of a more corporeal essence about her. Yet her innocent and fresh look remained unspoiled throughout the photos, definitely…Wow.
    We are very proud of her back in NC.

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