Vladimir: Set To Supernova


Vladimir. Photo: Special preview courtesy of Greg Kadel.

This just in from Jason at Greg Kadel Studio: “Sam Shahid’s recent discovery, Vladimir (JE MODEL in San Fran) is destined to be a star. Greg recently lensed him for Abercrombie & Fitch and he has yet to be seen by the biz but he is truly spectacular.” That fact is inarguable no? Expect Vladimir’s chart to supernova, starting this week.


Vladimir. Photo: Special preview courtesy of Greg Kadel.

  1. well when sam and bruce are taking turns with you your chart
    better be filled to the max haha

  2. well by his name i can tell taht he’s probably from russia or serbia if i knew his last name i’ll be able to tell you.

  3. i think his name is batishev (or its his mothers name) and he is definetly from russia, even from kirgizstan. cousins of him are good friends of mine in germany.

  4. Well-tone health body. I agree, he is spectacular in this picture!

    Damn, Vladimir, I want to know what’s your secret for get lean yet strong body!? I envy you for that. ;p

  5. he is hot and hes my cousin vladimir ivanov…
    so he is from russia not serbia…

  6. not only good looking but also the sweetest most genuine person u will ever meet.

  7. Even tho i met him only once, he really is a beautiful man,but more importantly he is very friendly, and totally Russian :D

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