DKNY’s Rainy Day Chic


Mark Vanderloo/Wilhelmina New York. Video/print shoot for DKNY with Mikael Janssen. Photo by

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Who says fashion is easy? Witness the crew and supermodel Mark Vanderloo, for the new DKNY campaign working hard in NYC’s rainy, gloomy weather. This is in stark contrast to the sunny day at Madison Square Park (quite the popular location), recently enjoyed by Karl Lagerfeld and Raquel Zimmerman (click here for Karl video). We captured the behind the scene video shoot for the upcoming campaign by Mikael Janssen where industry tops, Mikael and Karl Templer graciously posed for MDC!


Mikael Janssen and Karl Templer.

  1. i believe that this shoot was absolute fablous and such, because i just liked the whole vibe of the shoot. i wonder why they are shooting in the rain when they can simply reschedule, it must be money problems, or something like that… or is it?

  2. HI Sofia,
    No, DKNY as a company is powerful enough and well established
    enough to shoot whenever it wants. Money problems is definitely
    not the issue. If anything, it might be a scheduling problem,
    because with Mark Vanderloo, Mikael Janssen, Karl Templar and
    Eugene Souleiman (the hair stylist on the shoot) involved… it
    would probably be very hard to get another day in (these people
    work ALL THE TIME) and are probably booked months in advance.
    DKNY probably decided the rainy day could be a very cool “vibe”
    for the shoot. (That is speculation is on my part though).


  3. It also could be a 2-3 day shoot. Who knows? We’ll just have
    to wait for the campaign to see!


  4. I am pleased to see MV working. Some believe he is
    not as bankable. I don’t agree, his appeal is evolving
    into maturity, something I believe the industry should
    tap into. The young male models of today appear androgenous,
    that is not appealing to the general middle class public,
    with the bank accounts.

    As Dee says, bring on the photos!

  5. This campaign is amazing. I have seen it everywhere your “guy” would need to look. Even in the sports section of the NY Post
    They had to have wanted the rain as it does go with the vibe of the shoot. Mark also looks great.
    Rumor (blogs) have it that he was in the front show at the DKNY show today.

  6. I’ve heard that Karl is an extremely difficult and borderline awful person. Is that true?

  7. You know, he said it was ok for me to take his picture. He seemed cordial from that quick interaction… as for the other part, many creative people can be perceived as difficult when they are very exacting in what they want. Not that I’m excusing him if he is not so nice, but just want to put that out there. I find that many of the people at the “top” of their field are actually very “nice”.


  8. Because of Mark Vanderloo, Michael Bergin and Marcus Schenkenberg I got into modeling and Fashion Photography. Mark can naturally be replaced for Brad Pitt in many ad campaign, he has that Brad and James Dean look!!!


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