Wednesday in the Park with Karl

Video 1: Raquel

Video 2: Karl


Raquel/DNA Models, Viva Model Management, Why Not Model Management, TEN Model Management. Fendi shoot in Madison Square Park. Pic by MDC.

OTM are fashion fans like everyone else so when we heard from Fashionista that the legendary Karl was around the corner from the MDC offices, we couldn’t resist running down and capturing the iconic German and the 3 ring circus he commands. From Kaiser Karl to the giant F’s to MDC favorites Brad and Raquel, here is OTM’s mini diary and videos of the shoot.


Brad/Ford Models. In his street clothes… waiting for his next look

Moving the Giant F’s around NYC.

Mini F’s


A rare pic of Karl raising his ever present glasses.


The Brazilian is brilliant.


Even Karl’s drink and serving tray is fabulous.


What a legend shoots in.

  1. That’s MDC, always of the minute, up to the minute! Brad,
    handsome. Raquel, stunning. Karl, senor artistico! Gotta love

  2. This is great. Thank you MDC. Interesting that Karl shoots with his sunglasses on!

  3. I don´t understand why Karl Lagerfeld is shooting so many
    campaigns and fashionstories. He´s not a really good

  4. No comment. When you have so much power in an industry, you can impose you as a photographer, even when what you do is really ugly. Thank Photoshop and the 15 assistants.
    The one who really works is Odile Gilbert, fighting with the wind on the models hair.

  5. Thank Photoshop. The one who really works is Odile Gilbert, fighting with the wind on the models hair,KISSES
    That’s a beautiful glass

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