Top 10 Newcomers FW11: Saskia de Brauw

Saskia de Brauw PH: Kacper Kasprzyk courtesy of DNA models

Is the rise to market primacy of the 29 year old Saskia a sign that fashion is learning to seek out the girls with personality and experience in its modeling formula? OTM is loving the Saskia de Brauw narrative as it proves that when your timing is right, a whole world opens for you.  FW11 is not Saskia’s first season but it is the season in which she has jumped to the head of the class as one of the most relevant new girls today. With her Vogue Paris cover hitting European stands just in time for the Milan and Paris shows, it is an easy call to expect this unique Dutch model on all those better runways.

  1. And this girls deserves every damn penny she worked for. woot!

  2. Saskia is the best. It’s so nice to see a woman, not a girl, trumpeted as one of the top new faces!

  3. I didnt know that Saskia was 29, to me she looks more like 19.
    But is intresting to see fashion going in that direction,
    first they started whit the plus sized girls, then the VS girls, and now the “mature look”.
    Seems like this is not going to stop.
    Not that im fan of any of those looks but is good to see some variety.

  4. So, this is kind of the brealthrough of Saksia??? she’s awesome she looks really young!!

  5. It’s very nice to see a woman on runway and giving me more confidence. I avoided runway this year and part of the reason was being surrounded by young teens made me feel inadequate for the runway! But I’ll be there again soon!

  6. THANK GOODNESS that finally beauty prevails over age! I have always thought it ridiculous that some agencies won’t even work with a girl over 21. People think weight is an issue in fashion? Try ageism. Women shouldn’t have to think that after 20 they are no longer beautiful & are “over the hill.”

    BRAVO Saskia and

  7. Props to DNA for taking a chance on Saskia. So many agencies look at a woman like her and can’t see past her age. DNA had the vision to see her potential, and look how it’s paid off for them! Vogue Paris cover, big shows, Givenchy campaign, top new face.

    Bravo Saskia, and Bravo DNA!

  8. I love great, wonderful to finally realize that the models should be of this profile and not so young. Most people who buy are thirty years and is most identified are more older models are more beautiful and beautiful

  9. add “intelligence, artistic creativity/integrity, humility, kindness” to further define saskia’s “personality and experience”. big fan here.

    check out her blog and art website for an insight into her artistic vision. no wonder meisel likes her also – looking forward to her italian vogue cover!

    (ps. aymeline is 25 so yes let’s push for even more (relatively) mature high-fashion models to add on to the list of successful ones now.)

  10. Yes, I love Saskia. She has been modeling for quite some time actually and before she left to pursue school and her art.

    Agencies do take on girls over 21 but they always tell them to lie by 2-3 years. Its very very very refreshing to see an agency market a girl for who she truly is rather than create a bunch of lies for marketing.

    I would love for all the models who are currently lying about their age to one day come out…

  11. Love! That babyface combined with that strong structure. OMG a boy girl. Cute.

  12. Wasn’t she also in the finale of a cycle of Holland’s next top model? I believe so…

  13. Is it just me or does she look like a spitting image of Anna Paquin?

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