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Calvin Klein is one of the most watched shows for casting, each season Maida & Rami and keep us on our toes with their impressive selections and everyone wants to know who will open, who will close, and most importantly – who will snag those coveted exclusives. This season’s list was a mix of 90s classics and brand new faces: supermodels (and exclusives for the show) Kristen McMenamy, Tanga Moreau, Kirsty Hume and Stella Tennant all walked down the runway, but here is a look at some of the faces making their first walk down the Calvin catwalk.

Melissa Tamarijn (New York Model Management)
Dutch beauty Melissa is about as classic as it gets, the 18 year old stunner is already generating some serious editorial buzz.

Gwen Loos (Marilyn)
Gwen made a big splash during couture week but a Calvin exclusive pushes her to the next level. Look for Gwen (and her equally impressive twin sister Donna) to take over Europe.

Julia Nobis (Elite)
Blessed with an outstanding personality and amazing lines, Julia is sure to be a breakout star this season.

  1. LOL the old ladies of fashion totally stole their thunder. I don’t even remember these girls being there.

  2. Melissa is great but she is not 18y.o – she is 21yo – but that is a great thing…

  3. Melissa rocks.. truly stunning.. So happy to see her making her debut in Calvin.. she will take europe by storm. 18, 19, 21 ?? who cares. That face is amazing.

  4. But what about Simona Andrejic??? She was second face at CK..and I think she is the new star in the model sky. She has amezing face,and she’s georgous.

  5. It’s a bit annoying but very telling that Francisco Costa has consistently only allowed white models (oh wait….there was a black model last season!)to wear his clothes down the runway.

  6. Calvin Klein does not really embrace diversity when it comes to runway. Only white are most suited to wear CK clothes. One black model this season, and no asian to be seen. Don’t mistake me, I like CK. But as an Asian, I feel underrepresented by this brand. And please don’t criticize me for speaking out.

  7. gabe, just leave it!
    must every single post on this site turn in to racial discussions and arguments?

  8. I agree with dom. these girls dream of being featured on and the second they are, everyone complains about them because they’re not black.

  9. I really like that Melissa is not a 15 year old High school sophmore or whatnot.. that is REFRESHING.

  10. I’m really happy that more and more dutch models are getting succesfull in the modelindustry.

  11. Y’all may find this hard to believe but there are some models of color out there who also dream to walk for a major label like Calvin Klein. How do you think they feel if season after season, only lily white girls are given this honor and privelege? Cathy Horyn pointed out this sad state of affairs in her review a couple of seasons back.

  12. There was a black girl in the collection, There was also a model in her 40’s named Kirsten McCenna and there was Tanga that rocked!!!

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