Ports 1961 S/S 11 Show

Ports 1961 Spring / Summer 2011 Show

Photos and text: Arianna Gross for models.com

The Ports 1961 S/S 11 show marked the departure of Tia Cibani and the debut of behind the scenes sister, Fiona, as head designer. A trip to explore the Sahara stood as the inspiration of the S/S 11 collection, that was made evident through the sandy colors. The collection transitioned from daywear to cocktail dresses all while maintaining a very fluid feel. A series of draped gowns were sent down the runway which were enlivened by the finale pieces. The meticulously embellished cream and faint blue pieces easily could symbolize a mirage in Cibani’s desert dream.

Casting Daniel Peddle
1-Melissa Tammerijn
2-Olga Sherer
3-Anna Selezneva

To view the full collection, visit Ports 1961 at Style.com.

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