Graeme Armour S/S 11 Show

Graeme Armour Spring / Summer 2011 Show

Photos/video Betty for
Text Janelle Okwodu

Graeme Armour takes aim at the hearts of fashionistas everywhere with his latest collection by bringing modernity to mod looks. The young Scot does black and white with a twist, drawing inspiration from the designs of groundbreaking 60s labels like Courrèges. Many of graphic ensembles presented by Armour feature incredible detailing – Armour’s tenure as the late Alexander McQueen’s apprentice, showing in his skillful tailoring.

Casting Anita Bitton for The Establishment
Stylist Alastair McKimm
Makeup Sil Bruinsma

1-Yulia/NY Models
2-Nicole Hofman; Laura McCone/Elite
3-Laura; Jennifer Messelier
4-Pauline Van der Cruysse/Kel/Supreme
5- Graphic top
6-Mia Temirova; Vick/Elite, Melodie
7-Beautifully graphic pieces

  1. Melodie is beautiful. i hope so she makes it very far! and Yulia is awesome too! oh and the clotheshad some nice cuts and lines and just “hard” pretty, but ina good way :)

  2. Melodie is gorgeous and she is having a good season ! marc Jacobs , DKNY , Jason Wu , Max Azria , shes doing awesome!

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