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Each season fashion weeks come and go in the blink of an eye and for the girls working the New York-London-Milan-Paris circuit of shows the job can be filled with unforgettable thrills. Whether it’s something as simple as a dinner with friends or an experience as heady as opening a choice show there are many things worth looking back on post-season. MDC catches up with some of the seasons busiest girls to find out just which memories stood out for them during the Fall/Winter 09 show season. The answers they provided are as unique and intriguing as the girls themselves. Find out who shared a special moment with Carine, who loved jetting to shows on motorbikes and who indulged with a special chocolate treat!


Iris backstage at Dolce & Gabbana

Iris Strubegger

“My most memorable moment was at the MaxMara fitting in Milan when Carine Roitfeld came by to see the stylist, and she brought me my own personal copy of Vogue Paris.”


Myf backstage at Brian Reyes

Myf Shepherd
“On my last day in Milan I had a whole hour off between shows (for the first time ever). I went to this tiny organic store that my friend had told me about, and after a little browsing I discovered vegan chocolate canoli! It was so chocolatey, flaky and creamy. I bought about a dozen, which was just enough to get me through Paris!”


Tao backstage at Moschino

Tao Okomoto

“For me, it was memorable when the people, like clients and models, call my name before I introduced myself to them. It makes me feel like they recognized my name, my face and what or how I was doing this season.”


Hanne backstage at Rick Owens

Hanne Gaby Odiele

“The bus ride from Louis Vuitton to Miu Miu! The shows were so close together that all the girls had to take this bus that Russell Marsh sent for us. There were even manicurist on the bus putting on our nails before the next show. It was absolute mayhem, but it was such a funny memory.”


Katie backstage at Jill Stuart

Katie Fogarty

“One of my most memorable moments during the 4 crazy, busy, and exciting weeks of fashion was actually having a real dinner with my mother agents, bookers from Next, and a few of my other friends. We were all crowded inside this little tiny Italian restaurant in Paris telling stories and sharing amazing food. It really brought me back to reality and helped everyone to just relax, and enjoy the amazing experiences!”


Alana backstage at Wunderkind

Alana Zimmer

“My most memorable moment of this season was definitely walking the Sonia Rykiel show. It was great to be part of such an interactive show that had everyone laughing together. It was so refreshing to see some of the top editors and models laughing uncontrollably and just having fun together.”


Hanna backstage at Giambattista Valli

Hanna Rundlof

“When I came to New York for the first time in my life, the driver that took me from the airport drove on a special road. The sun was setting and I could see the whole skyline of New York in the sunset. It was so amazingly beautiful!

And the most embarrassing moment was at one show, when I dropped my shoes on both of my outfits!”


Sara backstage at Wunderkind

Sara Blomqvist

“My most memorable moment must have been when I came to Paris fashion week. After 2 weeks of getting driven by a driver I could finally walk around by myself again. One of the days I had like half an hour off, which I spent with a vanilla latte in Tuileries, watching people walk by.”


Sigrid backstage at Loewe

Sigrid Agren

“I received a call from my French grandparents after they saw me on TV in the Chanel show…they said they were so proud and it meant a lot to me.”


Jac backstage at Marc by Marc


” I had so many exciting moments! When I got to open the Calvin Klein show of course! I went for my fitting and I saw my outfits were number 1 and the last look!

When I fell at the Herve Leger show. I was so nervous but everyone gave me so much support!

When I started shows in NY all photographers asked me what my name was. After a few days everybody knew who I was! I was so surprised when someone screamed my name and I turned around and didn’t know what was going on because I didn’t think anyone knew who I was!

The moment when I found out I was confirmed for the Prada show, I was soooo happy !

Things can get crazy too, I have done some interviews backstage and one of them was so freaky ! A guy asked me “What do you think about women in Europe who don’t shave themselves?”

Adventures going from one show to another on motorcycles.

The whole fashion week in NY and Milan was like dream come true for me!”


Heidi backstage at Christian Lacroix

Heidi Mount

“At Zac Posen, there were some pianists from Utah where I’m from. One of the pianists’ girlfriends went to high school with me and I was good friends with her sister, so we were able to sit and talk for like 20 min. It was fun.

In Milan i had an afternoon off and my friend and I were able to go to brunch and the gym and relax!!! Yay relaxing!

In Paris at Alexander McQueen, out of nowhere Irina started giving me a massage (she is really really good at it). Later at a fitting we had it turned into all of us giving each other massages. It’s amazing what can be really memorable during fashion week.”

Imogen Morris Clarke

Imogen backstage at Sharon Wauchob

Imogen Morris-Clarke

“I was so tired in Milan that at 6am I managed to walk out the hotel, in to my car and to my big request wearing my slippers instead of my 5 inch heels. I realized seconds before meeting the client and quickly changed”


Liu backstage at Loewe

Liu Wen

“After the 4 fashion weeks, finally I could take my flight home. The French gentleman sitting besides me never stopped snoring during the flight; I was wondering if he made also some dreams about “fashion” like me?

Many people asked me how many shows I did this season; I didn’t even remember the number. Later checking out by internet I found out: 74?! 74 shows during 30 days? How was I able to accomplish all that?

“Fashion weeks are a test: I was either on the way to shows, backstage at shows or on the runways. There wasn’t even much time leftover for sleep. Some of my most interesting experiences were in London. Even though this was my first time at London fashion week, I didn’t have to go for castings. I had all direct fittings – I needed a little time to get used to this new privilege.

My most memorable moment of fashion week was in NY. One day my agent called me and told me to look at Opening the page, I found a photo that looked like me! And looking more attentively, I saw that the name in the caption was “LIU WEN”, which is listed in No. 44 of models’ top 50. Ha, it’s really me! Every girl has a beautiful dream, and mine this year was to join the top 50. Suddenly this dream was realized; what a happy surprise! The only problem was that nobody was there my apartment to share that moment with me but I screamed for a little while just to celebrate!”

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Image Credits | Eric Spositio for, Betty Sze for & Corbis

  1. they are all so cute!! especially when they say they feel happy if someone recognize their name :)

  2. Do models really eat Canoli? Regardless, I loved Myf in the Brian Reyes show. she looked stunning.

  3. imogen looks EXACTLY like sally field in that picture.
    liu and jac seem sweet.

  4. Aw, I wish you could post more personal stories of the models like this. It makes me feel as if I know them in a way, causing me to really feel the emotion coming through thier pictures. Lovely girls!

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