1. What a great series of photos–everyone just looks so… cool!

    I love it.

    This feature is definitely going to be memorable.

  2. whitney thompson? as in america’s next top model? which picture is she in?! i can’t recognise her

  3. im guessing whitney is the blonde in the first photo but I can be wrong, I was wondering the same thing too though….overall though, great concept!

  4. Oooh I remember Inga from back in the day, great face, glad she found success as a plus size girl!

  5. OMG – This is incredible – Fresh, Energetic,
    These people have life and give life to each other –
    SO REFRESHING – I have been so disappointed with these editorials – and what Stephen Gan said in the NY TIMES
    “i’ve been obsessed with big girls for the last three months” – Does that mean hell be over it once this issue hits the new stands !!!!!!!

  6. Everyone looks hot. It really reminds me of The Face in the early 90s when sportswear first started creeping into high fashion. Everyone really truly owns it.

  7. I want to know that I can look GREAT in fabulous clothes! That’s the REAL reason I want to see models I can relate to. I’m not a teenager. I’m a real, grown-up ADULT WOMAN with DISPOSABLE INCOME. I’m 47 years old and PROUD to say I can still fit into some of the clothes I wore in HIGH SCHOOL (how many women can say THAT?) Why? because I still wear the same SIZE – size 12!!!

    I’m a 5′8″ glamazon and proud of it. I hike, bike, swim, run and do yoga. I’m a vegetarian and can probably kick a door down and rescue your skinny butt from a burning building, and proud of it. I’m healthy as hell. So DON’T GO telling me I’m “fat. You’re fulla shit.

    The fact is, Americans are BOTH TALLER and BETTER FED than Europeans. Yes, I’d be the first to agree Americans can stand to improve their eating habits…BUT the FACT remains that super-thin, very tall 0-2 sized models ARE GENETICALLY 2% of the population. Which means they are NOT AVERAGE. Not at ALL. No offense intended to the MINORITY of skinny girls in this country, but LET’S GET REAL about BODY SIZE.

    I’m never, EVER going to be a size 0. Not even if I starve myself. I tried it in high school and ended up a size 8, who fainted if I just got up to walk across a room. My frame will NEVER be that small. My wrist bones alone are TWICE the width of someone like Kate Moss or MaryKate&Ashley. I work in the Entertainment Industry and I’ve seen these women up close. THEY ARE TINY, TINY, TINY. Most American women simply are NOT.

    Unlike the teenagers designers seem to be marketing their clothes to, I’m old enough to KNOW whether or not something I see will fit me and make me look fantastic. 90% of Vogue? On the scrap heap, immediately! If I like a LOOK (as opposed to a dress) I’ll create it from pieces THAT FIT MY BODY!!

    Karl, Anne, John-Paul and all the rest…you want me to buy your clothes??? SHOW ME how great MY body will look in them, or forget it. You’ll never see a dime of my money.

    (By the way, y’all know Marilyn Monroe was a SIZE 14 dontcha?)

  8. Turning out to be quite the spread.
    This particular shoot is so vivacious.
    Well done V! Dan Felton and AJ are such talented hotties..oy.

    @Rosiel… right on girl.. Though the last time I checked, Europeans were taller than Americans.

    And “better fed” in terms of what? We aren’t exactly eating so healthily as a nation. Though there are signs of change as more and more people opt for health..slowly but surely.

    We surely have excess…double this, triple that and quarter this. And We surelt have access to more food. Is that what you meant by better? I’m just wondering.

    And the common speak states that Marilyn was at most a size 10 at in todays measures. The sizing of today is incomparable to that of yore.

  9. @Rosiel, Nigel’s right. Americans were the tallest for a while, but with our bad health statistics we’ve been getting shorter while people in healthier nations are getting taller.


    “The data show that Americans, who in the words of a recent paper by the economic historian John Komlos and Benjamin Lauderdale in Social Science Quarterly, were “tallest in the world between colonial times and the middle of the 20th century,” have now “become shorter (and fatter) than Western and Northern Europeans. In fact, the U.S. population is currently at the bottom end of the height distribution in advanced industrial countries.” ” – from America Comes Up Short, Paul Krugman: http://select.nytimes.com/2007/06/15/opinion/15krugman.html

    So I wonder what magazines would look like in each country if they focused on the average citizens of those country, or the healthiest… etc. Point is, they focus on a completely marginalized section of the population – the skinny, tall, misshapen individuals with looks and facial characters that are preferred by those in the fashion industry based on the style of the day/year/city. The high-fashion industry that most of these magazines cater to just doesn’t have much to do with everyday people, no matter what size they are.

  10. What an amazing spread. There’s not one weak photo in the bunch. It’s so exciting to see so much diversity. I find it almost impossible to pick a favorite but if I had too it would probably be the last photo.

  11. @ataraxy & Nigel – I suspect it depends on WHICH group of Europeans we’re talking about. Folks tend to get taller as you go north and shorter as you go south. I guess those Scandinavian folks are growing towards the light…

    As I said, we could certainly eat better, meaning quality of food (and less carbs!), but in terms of calories, we’re almost certainly ahead of the pack. Not that that’s a good thing.

    According to snopes.com, you’re correct about Marilyn’s dress size, although the clothes she wore in the 50’s would have likely been labeled 12 or 14, they are much smaller than today’s sizes. In our sizes they estimate she was an 8 or 10.


    Which just goes to show you how silly it is for us to judge ourselves by our freakin’ dress sizes for goodness sakes. A world that thinks tiny, adorable Drew Barrymore (size 6-8) is a “big girl” (as she has been called by costumers in ‘the biz’), is a world gone mad.

    And a world where women aspire to ZERO (as in size zero)? Not fit for any size of humankind. I mean, if you can’t get to your “ideal weight” with a healthy diet and reasonable amount of exercise, then it’s NOT the IDEAL weight FOR YOU. If you’re healthy and a 2, good for you. If you’re healthy and a 22? Right on sister!

    Let’s keep hollering until we ALL can look as hot, gorgeous and stunning as every woman can be in our clothes (and our ‘birthday suits’). I think every woman deserves clothes that look FANTASTIC on HER body and that they are properly cut for her body type.

    No more of this “sizing up” garments that were originally cut at 4 or 6 to a 14. That just looks awful, because of the distortions that occur when you “just make everything bigger”. I hate having a loose waist in my trousers, for instance, because I must buy pants that fit my curvy hips and thighs. NEWSFLASH Designers – I actually have a WAIST! Hah!

  12. This issue is by far one of the best I’ve seen, and I’m an avid V enthusiast! The guy in the blue underwear and the long wet hair is one of the sexiest male models I have seen in a while. HES PERFECTION. I was trying to figure out his name and I’m pretty sure its Ben Bellucci, even his name screams fame! His body reminds me of David Beckam except with more abs!! He looks like the next big thing, he caught my eye immediately!

  13. Hey Lizzy, I completely agree with you, Ben is gorgeous!! He has a really good look, sexy chest tattoo, awesome abs! I’m glad we got to see him in his underwear! The other models look great too, very artistic shoot I’m loving it!! I WANT TO SEE MORE BEN!! Great issue V!!

  14. The whole idea is beautiful art. Terry really put his creativity to work amazing concepts I absolutely love it….all the models in the picture mesh so well together this is one of the best overall V magazines I have seen in a while so far!! Regina and Eniko very sexy and authentic for the women side and on the men’s Vladimir looks very cool and sleek and that Ben is very sexy and masculine looking he really stands out!!

    Great job Terry on the idea and pictures and great job to all the models you all look great…. as you can tell I am very Very impressed and enthused I cant wait for this issue to come out Awesome so far!!!

  15. I am disappointed in this piece. Where are the non-modelesque men? If we are going to fight for the plus sized women, then we should have the men as well. It seems as if they are invisible.

  16. Men don’t have BODY IMAGE issues on the scale of women, men can look at mags of sexy models with great abs and slim silhouettes without WANTING to THROW UP LUNCH…women on the other hand STILL have a LONG way to go…and society doesn’t penalize the MALE figure if he doesn’t LOOK LIKE MARK VANDERLOO…

  17. This is beautiful. Finally, we are seeing a cultural revolution of the sort we have needed for decades. It’s time to stop telling women what we need to look like and start accepting us for who we are.

  18. @ Mariyela.

    No, men don’t have body image issues to the extent of women. But don’t think for a second that all of these guys are turning into gym bunnies just for the health, that’s just the bonus! Male dismorphia is just not on the tongue in such vivid context.

    Not so much throwing up lunch as scarfing down muscle building nutrients and pumping iron. Society is increasingly giving a thumbs down to those who aren’t pulling a Garrett Neff (lick) or a Danny Schwarz (lick x’s 2)for instance. Of course You’d quicker see a pudgy guy with a mildy attractive woman over the opposite.

    But the tides are definitely shifting. With all of the A/X, CK and D&G a la Mr. Gandy’s business all up in your socket; guys are feeling the pressure to get in rippled shape more than ever.

  19. SO how does the theme go?
    first pic
    Punk Model
    Plus size model?
    Super model
    Male black model?
    European Model?
    white male model? Not sure
    Asian model?
    swimsuit model?
    short model? haha

    Its a great editorial.

  20. Benny B is the man. Looking great out there cuz! too bad i wasnt in there. Ill show u how its done sometime.

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