Top 10 Newcomer SS 10: Patricia Van Der Vliet


Patricia/ New York Model Management Image courtesy of New York Model Mgmt

After a monster Spring 2010 season that saw Patricia Van Der Vliet logging a Prada exclusive, opening Vuitton and closing Balenciaga, major editorial and campaign eyes are now trained on this Dutch newcomer. Boasting the kind of classic and accessible beauty perfectly in sync with the spirit of the Spring collections expect to see Patricia as one of those inevitable follow-through faces onto the pages of your better magazines.

  1. she’s soooooooo major, Standing ovation for Patricia, Love the return to expensive beauty

  2. Love Patricia, saw her in Paris, she has that star quality of models past, like a Carolyn, Amber type. Fresh, beautiful, Modern. A young lady. I hope she does well.

  3. It’s so creepy how some people on here talk about the models. “Expensive Beauty”??? Kind of weird. I’m not one to get all excited about the models. I mainly come here to get a first look at editorials.

  4. Mark you are right, she was on the show, did you know that Suvi was on the finnish version of the show ? It goes to show that sometimes these shows get it right! Congrats to NY.Models for breaking Patricia out !

  5. I knew this was coming!!! Go Patricia!!! wanna be on top? lol Tyra better eat her heart out..this girl is major!!!

  6. For a second there Frenchy I actually got a little excited. You got to admit it is a little weird though. “She’s major!!!”. What is that supposed to mean?

  7. Patricia van der Vliet was indeed on the ’08 version of Hollands Next Topmodel but had to bow out of the competition when she reached the final 4. She has Chrohns disease (chronical inflammatory disease of the intestines) which flared up during that specific part of the competition. When that happened she never thought she would model professionally again. However, the agent of the modelling agency connected to the competition told her to be patient for a year and good things would happen for her. The result is clear……..

    I also advise you to take a look to the website of the Benelux Next Topmodel (’09) website to take a look at the quality of some of the girls involved inthe current competition:

    When you visit the link ‘gemist’ you can watch the episodes online incl. make-overs etc……

  8. dull! her mouthcorners are down, this makes sad pictures :-(
    she looks nice, but not WOW! sorry.

  9. I’m all with you LD.
    Sometimes, I feel that fashion people are just a bunch of blind trunks. They like to make no sense. They would use french words here and there and it would make no sense at all. The saddest thing lies in the fact that fashion magazines employ these people as writers. Ignorance is then diffused through readers…and the cycle of happiness goes

    Anyways, back to Patricia, she sure seems promising.

  10. Good job NYMM!
    Thay do really have great new strong faces. Can not wait to see the next FW, with the right movement they will be “the next top models”.

  11. She is certainly a stunner (and one of my favorites of the season), but this photo does no justice to her beauty. In my opinion, she looked best in NYC when she did the Herve Leger and BCBG runways. Her hair looks best fluffy and full. She certainly has LOADS of potential! Hope to see her in my favorite magazines in the very near future :)!

  12. Major = Big things coming her way, Expensive = refined beauty (ie not Pamela Anderson), fierce = gurl is werqin’ it… LOL

    seriously its just all for fun, no need for negativity. If you don’t like it don’t use it =D

  13. “Expensive=refined beauty (ie not Pamela Anderson)” …weird. I do get that it is all for fun though. Takes away the creepiness.

  14. I remember her from the first post re: the dutch invasion. I knew she was special then. Glad she’s doing well. She still reminds me of Uma Thurman btw. :)

  15. Patricia is one of the most beautiful girls around ,she was already the favorite in Hollands next topmodel contest,and would have won for sure,im glad that she didnt, this girl has all the potential to have a carreer like karen Mulder,classic beauty that will shine in amazing editorials and wonderful campains !;-)and will defenitely the face of a cosmetics brand !;-)

  16. Patricia is a lovely girl. I’m a make-up artist & worked with her: she has a great skin & beautyful hair. She has a great potential !

  17. Yes, Patricia was in HNTM! Got sick before the final (live). She didn’t win the competition. Maybe it’s better… otherwise she would not be where she is today!!!?!

    Veel succes Patries!

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