Serene Sedene


Sedene. Pols courtesy of New York Model Management.

True elegance is serene. Contained but all the more compelling for it. That is a quality New York Model’s latest find Sedene boasts. Hailing from Jamaica this  sleek girl is being glossed and groomed for her Fall 2010 unveiling. OTM looks forward to that debut!


  1. I hope she turns it out come show season. She looks like any makeup artists dream, a blank canvas but a pretty girl she is. And there is most definately something in those eyes.

  2. I’m so proud of my girl Sedene Blake..another Pulse model taking the fashion industry by storm..Proud of you babygirl..Go join Gaye and Jeneil, the world is waiting!!

    And they didnt even need to wrap shirts around her head and face!

  4. Elle est la meilleur “Model of the Week” au present. Trop belle… et pûre

  5. Show your stuff honey, make your family and friends proud and most importantly yourself!!!!! hard work is the key to success!!!!LOTS OF LOVE(STEPH A. BROWN)

  6. sedene,girl everybody is like telling you thatyour eyes are so B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L anyways all of that is true i mean girl i am amazed and you are going to be famous YOU ARE BIG STAR.from your little sister.

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