1. William Lords is the real deal. His talent is boundless. If photo reps were like model scouts, William Lords would be zapped up already. Keep taking my calls Will and don’t you dare stop shooting my new boys :)

  2. She looks gorgeous. That face is stunning and these pictures are beautiful

  3. nederlandse meisjes doen het nu echt goed jullie maken Holland echt trots hoor ga so door

  4. wow what a face???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    she`s amazing i really wanna see her on the runway

  5. Ylonka is a star ! she is one of NY.Models new model army,I expect to see a lot more from them next season.

  6. Oh wow !! Ylonka is going to tear it up. One of the best new faces in a long time..

  7. Ylonka is amazing ! Everyone loves her in Holland, so happy to see she’s making the step to the international market. Go girl !!

  8. Ylonka is MAJOR, MAJOR, MAJOR! Truman needs to stop hating because she looks NOTHING like Iris!

  9. She’s stunning,i can totally see her being one of the top 10 newcowers in SS10.She’s got a really GREAT look,kinda reminds me of Catherine McNeil,but Ylonka is even way more gorgeous.

  10. I just shot her and she was so lovely to work with! I am glad to see her on her way up!

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