Frey Mudd. Images courtesy of Red Model Management.

Pols of Frey (rhymes with stay) Mudd lands in our inbox this fall Friday and we are loving the cool new haircut on the cool new kid in town. Born in Vermont but raised in Australia, looks like Frey’s background is just as interesting as his rock star look.



  1. Dante, that’s exactly what i thought. very David Bowie (and Sid Vicious, not Mick Jagger, he is more punk than classic rock). I love <3

    PS : oh he is at Red Managment… need to use my cousin as private dectetive… :D

  2. i cant see help me out. maybe a good bone structure?? other than that i don’t get it..

  3. oh no way! ive partied with him, i was dressing a show he walked in australia, quite the character, legitimately weird. he just starts talking to people about what he’s thinking but he’s so friendly it works. im gonna look him up on facebook now haha

  4. I actualy really like his look. I get why some of you don’t but honestly I enjoy the quirkyness of him. It is definetly not bad quirky. More ambiguous.

  5. Yeah, that jacket is the best on earth right now. Makes me wanna extasy, mmm, I want to explode in a million pieces yet to explore who I am. Take me, fire, have a go at me, she would always make me feel inclusive, just as a thought, must do what I fought for, music ripping my soul opening my woes, stretching my black demon hole right outside of me.

  6. i talked to him more than once, also on facebook.
    He’s really nice and friendly!
    Cheer up! :)

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