New York Models’ New Wave


Masha/ New York Model Management PH: William Lords

Recently New York Models has been glossing up a very specific kind of girl note perfect for the new modeling frontier. In the tradition of Sigrid and recent TOP 10 Newcomer breakthrough Patrica comes Masha, a pristine 19 year old beauty sure to crash the radar of those clients looking for inarguable beauty in a girl. So clear, so lush!

  1. I’d be happy to be boring if i was this beautiful.. Masha is beautiful inside and out.

  2. She should be from Russia or from other CIS countries, as Masha is short for Maria.

  3. “I love it when a model is actually beautiful, no weird noses or anything” lol

    She is classic supermodel beauty. There is weird beauty which often appeals to the artsy-ness of designers, and then there is classic beauty.

    Probably 9 out of 10 guys would pick the classic beauty for a gf over the weird beauty.

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