1. Not the most unique looking girl, but that neck is to die for. Very long and elegant and I like how her nose is a bit upturned.

  2. She’s cute as button, Ford should push her since she has great potential!

  3. I had the pleasure to work with Nikol, amazing model from 2b Models @Ford. Nikol is unique, gorgeous and stunningly beautiful girl. I like her very much!

  4. Wonderful polaroids again! I have to admit, that even though I always really liked her, I never noticed this side of her beauty… I always saw something different in her that I liked, but these polaroids show something different. I’m completely in love with it, I even love her even more

  5. dont like her..
    she looks like someone who would play in one of those funny movies like superbad.. sexdrive and pineapple express

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