Top 10 Newcomer SS 10: Kate Kosushkina


The Spring runway season tends to see a swing towards user-friendly beauty as designer seek to cast girls suitable for collections driven by the idea of color, lightness, print and pattern. Filling that need but with an interesting layer of individuality is Supreme’s Kate Kosushkina. This newcomer has been a consistent presence in New York via Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc followed by her closing slot at Prada in Milan with her Paris booking already locking her in place as a certified breakthrough. More importantly those blue chip clients are beginning to mesh her into their future plans. That is a great advantage these days in a runway market growing more and more random.

  1. VERY Supreme, indeed. Year 2010 looks better than ever, as so many agencies has found their identity again. From cool looks to classic beauty, strong faces to show stunners.

  2. So nowadays model is made by the trend colors.

    From season to season more and more models are exchanged.

    It is like the models are getting the status of the anonymous manequis from the 50s. It was not like this during the era of Karen, Gisele, Erin and co.

  3. Her face is out of this world. The scouts at Supreme have an eye for some strange beauty. Does beauty like that ever make real money?

  4. she is beautiful + their is something about her and the look in her eyes which is very intriguing
    a very rare combination which many of the other new faces now a days are missing. love her!

  5. its looks cool but little much indeed on something due to which no smile on her face.

  6. she looked stunning at Prada! thank godness and the lords of fashion for Supreme bc they always seem to find those cool, editorial girls like Kate

  7. She’s pretty

    but why are models getting younger every time ?

    Isn’t that a bit boring/onesided ?

  8. This girl is GORGEOUS!! Who cares how old she is when you have a face like that?!

  9. … if Kurt Cobain and Sienna Miller had a daughter. Couldn’t they find something better for her to put on besides her First Communion gown ?