Versace Men F/W 13

Posted by Stephan Moskovic | January 14th, 2013

Versace Men F/W 2013

There are a few things we’ve come to expect season after season from Versace— sexy suiting, riotous prints, and lots of tanned skin among them. For Fall 2013, she gave us all these things, while mixing in looser proportions and a decorative touch with lace and filigree designs. There was an Eighties feel to several of the looks, as in the exaggerated proportions of Kacey Carrig’s suit, or the oversized zebra and giraffe prints that exploded across several pieces early in the show. As always, there were a number of highly-wearble items, once you pulled apart the styling, like a series of rich overcoats and a few chunky sweaters to appease the less-flamboyant among us. Still, that’s not what you come to Versace for—it’s the graffitied denim suit, the two-tone leather motorcycle ensemble, the lace briefs under the full-length fur coat. And if some of the critics complained that she overdid it, well, perhaps she did, but what did you expect?

Photos: Dirk Alexander
Text: Jonathan Shia

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2 Comments to “Versace Men F/W 13”

  1. A. Dirk captures the models at there best. Very Pleased to see this continue each season.

    Scale New York
    Team Member