Z Zegna Men F/W 13

Posted by models.com | January 17th, 2013

Z Zegna F/W 2013

The setting—birds chirping over the soundtrack, a runway composed of crushed autumn leaves—read rustic, but Zegna Fall 2013 collection was far from pastoral. Instead, Paul Surridge continued his quest for cutting-edge modernity with a series of sharp, graphic looks with clean lines and vibrant colors that felt, all in all, very urbane. It was a smartly progressive season for the brand, both aesthetically and technically, demonstrating a variety of innovative construction techniques that reworked classic shapes into a look at the future. Surridge managed to walk the fine line of balancing marketability with his own creative impulses, working to nudge menswear forward gently and reassuringly. A palette of mostly black and midnight was shot through with pops of orange and brown, but the clothes largely spoke for themselves, without need for extraneous prints or details.

Photos: Dirk Alexander
Text: Jonathan Shia

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One Comment to “Z Zegna Men F/W 13”

  1. antonc says:

    love the shoes and the bags