25 / Eniko X

Posted by Stephan Moskovic | September 8th, 2012

25 Exclusive short film: X

25 Magazine has never shied away from showcasing female sensuality in all its glory and with their latest film, the magazine ups the ante. Eniko Mihalik bares body and soul in X by Jason Last & Jaime Rubiano, a sexy and artistic take on the body beautiful: experience it first in our exclusive preview – only in MDX.

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5 Comments to “25 / Eniko X”

  1. RA says:

    this is art, wow, I’m impressed

  2. Koala says:

    I love Eniko she is so beautiful and I love 25 but DAMN! This video sucks! Sorry…

  3. drillian says:

    GORGEOUS! so much sex in what we don’t see

  4. jacob says:

    started off looking like a ripoff of bjork/nick knight – pagan poetry. turned into mess. i don’t know which i find more disappointing.

  5. KURT says:

    RAW SEX HOT Eniko is so Fucking sexxy! I love the shitty video quality – SIIIICK video congrats 25!!!