Apollo Rising

Posted by Stephan Moskovic | April 3rd, 2012

Apollo Rising

Laura Egan‘s evocative dreamscape, Apollo Rising is filled with the kind of imagery that pushes boundaries. Inspired by Jack Dempsey, the gentleman fighter of the Prohibition era, the film explores the dual nature within us all. Darkness and light, good vs. evil, the full scope of epic drama shot in a dreamy style that shifts between gritty reality and ethereal fantasy. Experience it for yourself – only in MDX.

Directed by Laura Egan
Director of Photography: Sam Heesen

Eliza Cummings at Women Model Management
Eniko Mihalik at Marilyn Model Mgmt
– Kate Nauta
Crystal Renn at Ford Models
Cory Bond at Soul Artist Management
Arthur Sales at Soul Artist Management
Seijo Imazaki at Soul Artist Management
Oraine Barrett at Soul Artist Management
– Giannis Marais at Soul Artist Management
Brittain Ward at Wilhelmina New York
– Kaylan Falgoust at Red Model Management

Producer: Laura Egan
Executive Producers: Ruy Sanchez & Brent Langton at B2Pro

Gaffer: Ryan DeFranco

Edit provided by Swell NY

Post-production services provided by Industrial Color
Color grading and flame VFX by Michael Dwass
Additional sound design by Andrew Toews
Post-production supervisor James Demetri

“The Fighters”
– Aldo Uribe
Ryan Mertz at Next Models NY
German Ruiz at Next Models NY
– Matheus Strapasson at Next Models NY
Kadeem Fisher at DNA Models
Makin Curry at Next Models NY+
– Raymond Irving at Next Models NY
– Shane Sather

Makeup: Ingeborg at Opus
Makeup assistance: Sokphala Ban & Elle German
Stylists: Masha & Anda at The Wall Group
Hair: Hugo Ferozzi at Artlist
Art Director: Romain Leroy
Set Designer: Tiffany Porter
Stunt Cordinator/Choreographer: Aldo Uribe
Original Music: Sleeper Cell
Storyboard Art: Mark Barrett

Electric provided by Pier 59 Studios
Additional Cameras: Markus Mueller & Ryan DeFranco
Camera Assistant: Michelle Watt
Grips: George Lois, Ben Carey, Tyler Chong
Best Electric: Milton de la Cruz
Lighting Department: Mark Jenkinson
Lighting Support: Jason Geering, Jared Roessler, Dave Schecter
Assistant Directors: David Lombroso & Kristy Jordan
Production: Salome Buelow, Benjamin Katz, Melodie Jeng, Claudine Eriksson
On Set DJs: Mess Kid, Madison Stewart, Jasper Stapleton

Wardrobe Provided By:
Calvin Klein
– Hisham Oumlil
– Marlies Dekker
Armani Exchange

This film is dedicated to the memory of John Krevey, in remembrance of his courage, vision, and imagination.

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26 Comments to “Apollo Rising”

  1. tucson john says:

    so good and damn Cory Bond was born to be in pictures and moving pictures! a film career for Cory seems inevitable…. well done.

  2. tigbit says:

    It seems like ‘fashion’films are decades behind original cinematography. I applaud all the efforts made and respect the creative energy behind a project like this but the images are a string of cliché’s and pastiches, already visualized in many many original movies and editorials.

  3. Carita S says:

    I have to agree with tigbit. It’s produced really well, but it could have been pushed more. I feel that the names of the models superseded the actual acting capabilities, especially the male models. Previous fashion videos featured here that are shorter have been much more effective and inspirational.

  4. banshee says:

    Applaud for the effort, but story of boys fighting over women and money is not something new, rather contrived, cliche and bit trying too hard? wish there’s more of a storyline or plot.

    focus pulling could have been better though.

  5. What?! says:

    wow… GREAT idea, but horrible acting and horrible pretend fighting… why does every model think they can act? stick to still “beauty” if that’s what you consider it.

  6. sheng says:


  7. lost with the story plot, but beautiful imagery.

  8. William Fleming says:

    It has been one of the best ways to show off all those handsome men. Evey one of them is one of a kind. Congratulations for the smart idea. Do not stop sending this lovely material.
    best wishes for all of you.


  9. Laura says:

    Hey guys, I am the director and producer of this project. I just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed reading the constructive criticism here. It’s given me some interesting takeaways especially on the acting front. It will be great to move into next endeavors and build better narrative through music and motion. As always, keep moving and evolving, will just keep getting better.

  10. Shoaib Haneef says:

    wooooow great work, relly owsam…!!!!

  11. eyz says:

    gorgeous. some of the acting is good, too.

    great work, Laura.

  12. MCLV says:

    Astonishing phantasmagoria !

  13. Yvette says:

    How . . . in the HELL is this related to fashion? inb4 rage quit.

  14. J. says:

    Eniko, you beautiful creature!

  15. that’s really impresing! beautifull exposure of human body and the acting ist pretty good!


  16. Allen Legacy says:

    I agree with titbit, it’s a little behind. and the story is almost non existent, and the whole thing reminds me a bit about Fight Club. However, being an editor, I did like the editing job, smash cuts, time warping, overlapping, etc, was used very well. I think Laura Egan is a movie maker that might and probably will develop into a film maker to watch. Would enjoy working with you sometime

  17. Badoo says:

    Music sound’s like “Massive Attack”, great!

  18. Jake says:

    They need to get Robbie Wadge

  19. Daniele says:

    so damn smashing!

  20. john says:

    so much style, so little substance. boring.

  21. Interesting, but... says:

    …the two ‘dualities’ tend to come across as ‘victory’ and ‘defeat’, rather than ‘good/evil’: he seems to be favored by one, whose presence at the last fight enables him to choose to win, where he didn’t have a similar option before. (Disclaimer: just my opinion.)

  22. southcast says:

    incredible work @laura, this is a piece of modern art.

  23. marco de giorgi says:

    extremely bad acting!!

  24. Sayali says:

    Damn Inceredible….Impressng Work!!!

  25. priya says:

    Awesome story. Great work!