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The MDC offices have not seen anywhere near the entertainment value Select’s finest Ash and Eliza brought to our spare and fluorescent rooms. We adored the realness this couple provided all conversation long. see for yourself in Pt 1 of MDC’s exclusive Q+A.    (See Part 2, here)

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  1. mickeyD says:

    I don’t get it, why are they being used as a package?

  2. Ricky says:

    She seems like she’s imitating Kelly Osbourne and his look is no longer unique because now half the models have that “rebel” look. It’s not refreshing, it’s like watching the osbournes as teens.

  3. katemossusx says:

    These two utter morons you see as “fresh” “entertaining” “interesting”?????

    Well done Models.com you truly are the most moronic site on the net. I just love the way your cretinous interviewer giggled whenever they say “fuck” etc etc etc

    Cretins, the whole damn lot of you.

  4. Gus says:

    Being young and restless might me cool, but i wonder when does this punk trend cicle will end! They look good together but im not sure if they would ever get cast for high fashion campaigns with their current look.

  5. betty says:

    To katemossusx:

    I didn’t “giggle” when they said fuck, I giggled at their youthful, funny, happy selves. Don’t read our site if you think we’re cretins :)

    the cretinous interviewer from MDC

  6. betty says:

    To Ricky,

    I hate to tell you but Eliza is definitely a unique person. Not sure why you think she’s imitating Kelly Osbourne. If it’s because they’re both young, English, have dark hair and dress funky, you should know that many English people are young, dark hair and dress funky. That doesn’t make them all imitators of Kelly Osbourne. Kelly is just probably the most famous because of who she is.

    As for Ash.. he is championed by some of the top photographers and industry people working today.. It’s not just our opinion.


  7. Hmmmmm says:

    My last comment was deleted. So I’ll say it again. Maybe a little nicer this time…
    I don’t get it. I’ve seen their work and unfortunately they are one-trick ponies. Their hair, piercings, tattoos and definitely interesting and artsy, but limit them in the work that they will achieve.
    When I look through magazines, I like to see models that project health, beauty, intelligence, sexuality, humor. I don’t want to see models that appear as though they just stumbled out of a smokey pub.

  8. ryan says:

    you tell em’ Betty!

    You go, girlfriend!!!!!!!!!

  9. Ricky says:

    Sorry betty, In my opinion thought the punk look is more overdone than people think it is. Everyone thinks its the new unique way to be, but now the market is drowning in them and it’s just not a refreshing look anymore… it’s more like who has more tattoos on there body

  10. ericdeaccort says:

    I can see the artistic interest in these two, especially Ash. People who’ve made these comments seem to forget that theyre models, theyre a part of someone elses vision.. someones choice of language has very little to do with that. and as far as

    ” like to see models that project health, beauty, intelligence, sexuality, humor. I don’t want to see models that appear as though they just stumbled out of a smokey pub.”

    fashion is about SO much more than that.. how can you possibly have an opinion what someone elses vision is.. if you want healthy, beautiful, sexuality why dont you pick up an issue of Sports Illustrated.

  11. lol says:

    and yes, that is your opinion. nice to know.

  12. Jordan says:

    Ash is the counterfeit Vuitton handbag to the authentic LV that is Josh Beech.

    Please let this not become a trend and ruin the uniqueness of the ‘punk’ aesthetic owned by Josh Beech.

  13. lee says:

    To those of you making demeaning and hurtful comments please keep in mind that you are speaking of human beings with feelings not dolls or mannequins!!!!!!! Haters, I suggest you spend your time improving yourself rather than hating on Ash who is successful

  14. Maddie says:

    I have to say I disagree with all those with negative comments posted on this video. I think they are both great, funny and fresh with great personalities!Their look at first glance may seem like it limits their abilities to be versatile but take a look at Eliza’s portfolio on her agency website, she is incredible!

  15. diego Dias says:

    Yes, style is everything!

  16. lovisa says:

    whatever, i think they’re both sexy. it’s weird to see punks model, but they do it well. they look just like me and my mates.

  17. cierrruhh says:

    not trying to hate, but they are loud motherfuckers eh? i felt like i was watching this interview in a screaming loud night club and betty is nice and quiet and asking questiosn and they are like schreeching to answer them, loud as hell, but both very unique.

  18. sam says:

    actually i grew up around ash and josh and ash started getting tattoos before josh! just because josh was discovered before ash does not make ash a counterfeit!!!!!!!!

    ash has more to offer fashion than josh, dont get me wrong josh is great but he looks the same in everything!!!!!

  19. katemossusx says:

    Ahhhh Betty, nice try,

    Tell me if two American teens were droning on about how they get smashed, try to get into bars despite being underaged and droned on incessently about sweet FA, peppering every other word with “fuck” would you still laugh? Would you still think it fresh, charming, youthful???

    And if those teens weren’t models, would it still be so??

    They’re idiots, there’s nothing fresh, fun, charming about it, its’ just boring.

  20. katemossusx says:


    Grow up.

  21. lo says:

    looks like my first comment got deleted huh?

    Jordan, i completely agree, Josh is awesome, while everything about this boy seems so forced, he has a lot of growing up to do.

    in my opinion they are just a fad.

  22. Hill says:

    To Jordan, step of your infested cloud! Josh Beech doesn’t own the look, there have been many before him and there will be many after him. If you have a closer look you will see that Ash’s esthetics are very different from Josh’s. You obviously don’t work in the industry and are just a hater

  23. Jackson says:

    Just what we need in the modeling industry: two drunk and stoned punks who happen to have a bubbly personality. Take them away, please….

  24. anne says:

    well, i like them. i doubt they decided to dress punk to be like everyone else in the fashion industry it’s just who they are so give it a rest if you dont like it, no one cares.

  25. alexander says:

    i met ash the other week when i was test shooting for models1 and he was such a great guy. i think he’s a real talent, so completely agree with betty on this one.

  26. Bret says:

    Hey, KateMossusx…
    You’re in a glass house. Don’t throw any rocks.
    You’d be included in this lot of “cretins” since you’re on the site.

  27. Joe says:

    I like them . Never heard of Eliza before ,very London look to her but then with the tiny nose and perfect skin it makes her a model . Love them . Agyness wish she knew these kids

  28. Matt says:

    These comments are so funny! … Hate to break it to you all but the Punk Scene was started in London decades & decades ago & kids like these two have been around forever … Just look at the music scene back in the 70’s/80’s … So all the people thinking it’s some fashion fad are completely misinformed … It’s been going on forever! And those saying that he’s a Josh Beech wannabe – oh please! that would mean that half of Londons 8 Million population are Josh Beech wannabes! … Didn’t realise it was a unique look only he could have [sense the sarcasm!] b/c every 2nd kid in London looks like this! Some of you really should get a passport & get out the midwest & travel! Then perhaps you would be able to have a constructive comment … P.S – If you’re gonna criticise the models.com staff DON’T read the god damn website …

  29. Julie says:

    “South East London” & “Battersea” No wonder they’re so common! Not the nicest of areas & thats an understatement – lol

  30. Alexa says:

    I want an Interview with Simon Nessman!!:):*:P

  31. Brett Lloyd says:

    i have shot ash several times, last for dazed and confused when i shot him together with Josh B. The haters on this site i imagine live in very small bedrooms in equally small worlds. These kids are amazing to work with and unlike most models I have shot have awesome talents elsewhere. They take the fashion industry with a pinch of salt which is without doubt the “healthiest” attitude to adopt “Hmmmmmmm”. Ash has been punk since he was born, its clear to see that when you work with him, and weather or not a certain aesthetic dies in the fashion industry its hardly going to make such a face like his redundant.
    Ash, Eliza and all the london youth forever.

  32. bellz says:

    100 bucks sign the boy, but the chick doesnt have model material

  33. lo says:

    i don’t understand why the ‘defenders’ try to insult the ‘haters’ with the snobby remarks about how they don’t understand because they live in a boring little world (aka don’t work in the industry) cant we all just agree to disagree?
    i don’t think anyone is insulting the punk scene, people just don’t like this particular pair of kids and its not because they ‘don’t get the industry’.

  34. Mateus says:

    Ash is beautiful.

  35. James says:

    RIDIC. This site is out of control. And yes, the interviewer is making young beautiful people even more pretentious and full of themselves then they already are by laughing at their retarded dropping of the eff word. I love how people think that they’re so innovative and avant garde these days when the whole lot of them are all the same. Hipsters, scenesters, punks… do any of these kids have opinions, fashion sense, minds of their own?

  36. Green says:

    I thinks its funny how you all argue so often on this site.Come on… we’re all models here (or I guess most of us are..) I respect everyone’s opinion but whats the point of insulting these guys? Its absolutely useless to come onto this site and give negative criticism. Think about it.

  37. eve says:

    i didnt take time to read all of the above but i think the two are lovely and blaming them for being typically british would be the same as if you would attack chanel iman for her backstage hip hop attitude. its their culture and theres nothing wrong with reflecting that instead of being a plain white sheet like millions of others. what kind of problem do people have with a “personality” all of a sudden. thinkin before commenting would help though…

  38. Amarilla says:

    They do look cute together and I do LOVE the pol featured on MDC with them kissing. However, IMO, in this interview they both seem completely disoriented, tired and on drugs. Not my cup of tea, sorry.

    I see there relationship lasting as long as there career. They just seem like 2 teens having fun.

  39. Charlotte says:

    They’re right.
    There’s NOTHING to do in New York. Statue of Liberty? Who wants to see that when there are bars here that aren’t allowing you in!
    (…just kidding – I’m obviously an offended city dweller here…)
    In my opinion (and I’m entitled to it, so don’t bash me), I wasn’t impressed by this video interview at all. Ash has an interesting look and beautiful eyes, yes, but (maybe it’s a growing-up-in-the-90s sort of thing), the tattooed and pierced look seems overdone. Now it is almost more bizarre for a male model to be tattoo-free.
    As for Eliza, I dig the accent and she seems friendly and cute, but as a model I fear that I would quickly turn the page of any magazine she appeared in.

  40. katemossusx says:

    Brett, you’re a knob.

  41. ferguson says:

    chanel iman is “hip hop”?
    gave me the giggles…
    sencond the motion to interview nessman!
    he’s dope.

  42. Josh says:

    I personally love their looks, this was a great interview.

  43. Eamon says:

    People that so “punk is so overdone” are idiots. There are always many things going on at the one time in fashion and there is always room for punk at any given moment. Look at the top 50 models on this site – how many are “punk”? A handful at best.

    All you are doing is perpetuating the fickleness of fashion, b/c you my be tired of punk now, but you’ll be into it in 2 years time b/c you have the “so hot right now” attitude, which is pathetic.

  44. Lulu says:

    katemossusx – get off the bitter bus!!

  45. jae says:

    To be honest, and lets get real now. This kids are just kids. The “rebel i’m from london and i’m punk cool” is not original or cool anymore. ash is pretty new, doubt he will do anything big, he obviously tries to look cool, because he is a kid and he doesn’t know how to be”himself”.. and if being the “punk tattoo im from london kid” is really who he is.. oh well, who gives a shit. I personally don’t think of him as a real serious model.. eliza’s laughter was irritating, i don’t know how old she is but dating this kid for a month says a lot about her punk self.

    and to the comment about mdc.. don’t hate. mdc is the best modeling site on the net.

  46. Ancient says:

    I wonder if every poster on this site, non-hater and (especially) hater alike, was as poised, graceful, elegant and genteel as they seem to want Ash and Eliza to be at 17.

    That when they travelled they were not excited, disoriented, sleepless and a little zoned at 17.

    And that when Ash got his Death Before Dishonor military tattoo that it may mean something to his life (not ours), along with the many skulls as opposed to I’ll use that to get into fashion at 17.

    Was not a little rebellious and obnoxious at 17.

    And that right now every poster, non-hater and (especially) hater that has grown past 17, is so elegant, and so beautiful, and so graceful and so poised and is so past 17.

  47. kam says:

    Ash is seems very interesting. Beautiful face and eyes…. the girl seems a bit bland though. Don’t see her going too far…

  48. Kitson says:

    There cute!

  49. junebuug says:

    I see my comment was deleted… not cool.


  50. philpot says:

    the doherty and winehouse of modelling……

  51. Brett says:

    Katemossus. Jesus could you imagine if kate moss was american. jesus. change your name please, its offensive

  52. Jason says:

    Whether punk is in or out, those two are HOT.

  53. v says:

    coke and heroin chic…come on Models.com iam so so disapointed from you…With this shiz you will not educate right the young kids that come visit your site everyday…
    this to morons are far from the term word called- Model…
    remove them!

  54. epuk says:

    Excuse me but I can’t find anywhere in this post where MDC mentions “coke and heroin chic” OR suggests they are “fresh” or “refreshing”. They do suggest however, that they are entertaining due to the “realness” of this couple…if this wasn’t entertaining there certainly wouldn’t be over 50 comments written with such vigor about this post…and they are real, I’m sure they both didn’t leave the MDC office after this interview and take off their costumes and start acting like British aristocracy…

  55. Joe says:

    Whens part 2 coming !? Is there a part 2 ? Cant wait to see it if there is

  56. betty says:

    Where the hell is coke and heroin chic mentioned in their interview?? You are projecting here…. Eliza is normal model size and Ash is skinny but no different from so many skinny 17 year olds that don’t work out at all!! I don’t know what they do with their spare time (I do know they drink, which in Europe is more accepted for under 21 year olds), but to just drop the words coke and heroin chic is unfair to them and to us.

    We don’t condone drug use, for you and so many other others to say that we do, by putting up 2 punk London young models is extremely small minded and ridiculous.


  57. Bob Ross says:

    Suburban teenagers pretending like they’re hardcore.
    Online stans getting butthurt over nothing.
    And Hedi Slimane fancying a little strung out ponces.

    Wow. It must be a day that ends in y…

    The only thing these two are addicted to is mediocrity.

  58. Sam says:

    Wow.. my god there are some comments and half made here!! Julie, with regards to “battersea” and South east being rough, learn some geography sweetheart, all i’m saying the only rough part of London is your face! Somewhere get the twisted girl a mirror.

  59. lubo says:

    uh, this is entertainment guys – decadent or not

  60. betty says:

    To Katemossux at 10:27am:

    If they weren’t models, if they were Americans, but they had that same joie de vivre about life.. Yes I would still find them entertaining.

    By the way, I don’t know about you but it would be hard to find a single teenager in college who hasn’t tried to get a fake ID to get into the local college bar (or at least thought about it). That is the reality of life…

    That being said, we would like to state that for once and for all: MODELS.com DOES NOT CONDONE UNDERAGE DRINKING AND DRUG USE.

    Also, in the actual interview I refer to their newfound romance and called it a “fresh” love (my reference about the word fresh).

    You have to understand that the models are human beings who make their own personal choices about what they will do. If you think that seeing this interview will all of a sudden make all the models flock to bars or get tattoos or get mohawks, then you are seriously demeaning them as young adults with the power to make their own decisions. Most are very responsible and make correct and healthy choices as that is the only way they can succeed in this hyper competitive world.

    Those who do not, would make those same poor choices whether it’s in the fashion world or the world of journalism or finance or education.


  61. janelle says:

    Haters to the LEFT.

  62. lubo says:

    i think some ppl are upset because it seems like these kids are just doing what is more commercial (the whole punk look – not everyone was born a punk) and want to sell themselves as such. some of us expect something more inspiring on the mdc hp top story section. it may be comforting to a section of the audience to see punk style on a modeling site, but others have seen it as boring and absolutely uninteresting. those who have criticized this post have high hopes for mdc, will the ed team choose to take the risky way (potentially alienating part of the audience) or staying pc/neutral. ready to become a social issues forum? your choice mdc.

  63. Paul says:

    Gus you twat! He is all over the place. He’s hot right now! But that’s what fashion is about. What’s hot right now. Their look doesn’t have to stay in fashion all the time. Otherwise it would be boring. I think They are great models and i would love to shoot with them. Bring on more english models!!!

  64. mr james says:

    Eliza and Ash looked amazing, they are just young and enjoying life..The world is their oyster….Would love to be that young again and vibrant..I think Eliza is versitile and has done may shoots with different looks..She may not be your sterotypical model with long flowing locks and girly but her look and attitude make her stand out from the rest..This just shows her being herself, very down to earth and natural….You go for it girl you will be BIG!!!

  65. daniel says:

    i am shocked. ash looks much younger in his photos, whereas he looks quite a deal older here.

    im not sure about eliza, my personal opinion.

    this is entertainment, i enjoyed watching this and am wondering how many of you “haters” have watched it more than once..

  66. kim says:

    By all the attention Ash is getting he is obviously causing a stir which is just what controversial people like Kate Moss have also done in the past. Remember back in the days when people were hating on Kate and wishing she would disappear too? Hedi Slimane, Alasdair McLellan (have both shot Ash) can shoot any male model they like yet they choose Ash. I love Ash’s look and vibe, I can’t wait to see more of him!

  67. Ali says:

    A) They are both very good looking
    B)As cool as their style may seem, its a tad dated, very 80s, so its not origional at all.
    C)If you dont like it, you dont have to look at it, dont come and start crap just because you dont like it.
    D) I love the boys shirt >< (Id most def wear it, its very cool)
    E) For Gods sake, its only fashion, why are you all flipping out, I mean I love fashion as much as the next person, but really? Is this needed.

    Ive said what I have to say. :)

  68. josh says:

    Dammn people get over it, i recently turned 17 myself im a kid too and to read more than one comment calling other kids drug addicts, wannabees etc etc what how old are you people ripping into these kids? 10 maybe 11? no your probably mid 20s or something thats pretty nice picking on kids 10 years or more younger than you.
    if they dont work they dont work is it going to affect you in anyway?

  69. Dub says:

    katemossusx, clearly you haven’t seen any early interviews with kate Moss (presumebly ur a fan) in which she harps on about drinking all day, smoking like a chimney. This all being delivered with swearing and hysterics.. . I serioulsy don’t get why you are so offended by this interview…

  70. HeatherIsaacson says:

    maaan.. not too happy reading all these comments trashing my friend.. just wanted to point out to everybody.. this is no “act”. eliza was my roomate in paris and this is her all day everyday, she’s the real thing & she’s gorgeous. anybody who knows her will agree

  71. trumancapote says:


  72. ..... says:

    Personally, I find these comments more entertaining. For gods sake…they’re just models. Is there really a need for this kind of vehement debate?

  73. Brad says:

    Cool models.com, delete people’s negative opinions even if they’re not hateful. I don’t think the duo will make it huge in the industry. But to have your comment kept up, let’s all just say we love these kids!

  74. betty says:


    We have put MORE THAN ENOUGH OF people’s negative opinions. If you got your negative comment deleted, it’s because it wasn’t thoughtful enough OR added anything new to the conversation. Sorry if your negative comment was BORING!! The NY Times and almost every other site/blog edits comments for relevance and keeping the dialogue moving forward.

    As for positive comments, we support those as

    1-these 2 people are human GODDAMN beings with feelings
    2-all people need good energy in life, even young and seemingly confident models. all you haters who are outright mean are just putting bad energy into their and our universe. We have more than enough of that.


  75. hekia says:

    ya’ll need to calm the fuck down. this shit aint classy yo.

  76. Ross says:

    Well this post has definitley split opinions!

    For me this new trend of London models is very welcome, the Russian invasion seems to have reduced and we’re now into a phase of young models with BIG personalitys. Kate, Erin, Agyness- these two are now carrying the rebel torch from them. It’s true that their look is overdone though, in London, kids like Ash and Eliza are two a penny, but to see them break out into the modelling world is very refreshing.

    I love Ash’s look, I think the kid has a huge future ahead of him, that being said bookers need to stop marketing him as some sort of discount Josh and give him his own identity. Eliza doesn’t have the same high fashion look, but I have seen a few great edits of her! Perhaps she is more print than runway?

    ps. Battersea and South East London ARE common, but these guys make it work.

  77. philpot says:

    they’ll both be forgotten about next week, there’ll be a new face on MDC for you all to argue over. think about it.
    was it really worth the 75 comments?

  78. eve says:



  79. eve says:

    76!!! LOVE ‘EM…

  80. Radouane says:

    hey guys,
    what a thread, what a long thread, I agree with betty,
    these kids are human being, so stay respectful.
    imagine: you know you’ve been featured on models.com ofcourse (!) you are going to visit the website to read about yourself. imagine this kids what they must feel reading this about themselves, all lonely in NYC, trying to make a career out of modelling, one of the toughest jobs in the world. I do think out of journalistic integrity models.com should be more carefull ofcourse, it’s an open medium, but just a bit more integrity to the choice of models interviewed.
    I think they are a lovely couple and admire their sence of style and see ash’s potential , but unfortunately not eliza’s potential as a model, lovely girl, but the mistake is made by her mother agent to send her over to NY, “as a couple”, i do wish her the best, though, it’s a very competitive market out there, especially in these economic crises, a lot of clients go for “safe” with models.
    Nevertheless, hang in there, girl, you only need to be picked up by one good photographer or have one KICK ASS picture in your book, and your career goes up!!

    In the meanwhile enjoy life and love, don’t let people bring you down. the dream is within reach of hand, the only thing to do is reach out and grab it.

  81. maciej says:

    it’s the longest coment set ever on mdc
    so i think they did their job
    took as many atention as possble
    good for them
    and i think ash is beautyfull
    even stripped of his tatoos and pircing
    and all that punk image

  82. C.T says:

    LOVE Ash!!! all you haters keep hating while his banking in on all the coverage and attention. These kids came from London and caused such a stir on the industry, models.com probably hasn’t had these many postings on one story ever. Betty I admire your professionalism and your always intelligent articulate input

  83. charles bronson says:

    Wow, there are a lot of really unhappy people out there huh?!

    What’s the deal with KateMossUS? Firstly, she’s probably a very poor imitation of the original and secondly…Damn girl – did your mother never hug you as a child or something? Where’s that venom from?

    These kids are sweet. They’re having a great time, shooting beautiful stories and living their lives. Something the rest of you should consider doing before you all end up bitter, single and working in fashion forever…

    And, just as a final note, don’t slag off the website. It’s a concise information point for people in the industry. It’s not Jerry Springer online, although that’s where many of you who have left comments should be.

  84. Frenemcee says:

    you haters are hilarious…bet at least one of you works in a certain office in Holborn….bitter much?

    You snooze you lose!!

  85. Sam says:

    i love them… its like waiting to exhale. love from Whitney Housten

  86. ROCKSTARZ says:

    These kids ROCK! Fashion is about amping the fun meter and enjoying life. I get it with these kids and what a clever move by the agency that sent them here (NYC) together-sheer brilliance and vision!! I’d love to see the response for bookings as the Ash and Eliza show is such a cool idea.They are the most refreshing and fun thing I have seen in a while. Go Ash and go Eliza! I predict amazing things for Eliza as she is just so wrong in normal model terms,but so right. She is what Nirvana was to Rock n Roll and a breath of fresh air for fashion. I think we are on the verge of a youthquake and these kids will be the ambassadors. Mark my words and watch the followers. Fashion Rocks!! Loving this indeed!!

  87. deanLDN says:

    I think these two are wicked cool models!! both original, fresh & young. not being hursh but THE laugh was annoying after a while,but again as model I like them.

  88. saw says:

    why do people always attack others for being happy. come on. let them get on with it.

  89. Pangea says:

    I agree with rockstarz to a point.But i dont think that they will create a youthquake,unless they realease a top selling cd that rebels against society and fashion.(which I doubt)but Eliza is actually right as a model and not wrong.I do think that Eliza will do well as she has it.Take away the m/u and hair and look at that face-she is fabulous and so gorgeous. I think that if she will be booked by a top photog she may eventually evolve into a star.She just has that magical quality.Kate Moss, Karen Elson,Giselle Bundchen & Carolyn Murphy were all doubted by the industry in the early stages of their careers and I put Eliza on that same boat for the moment.Concluding,I think Eliza will blossum,evolve and grow into a star-if a directional client picks up on her in her first week in the brutal NYC market as she IMHO has it.I maybe wrong.But then I may be right.
    It will only be the coolest of cool clients that get her:Meisel,Mario’s,Terry,Ellen…..lets watch.

  90. Josh says:

    Wow. 80+ comments? If anything, these two can stir up some controversy.

  91. eve says:

    90 in fact!!!

    time for the next episode

    “Radouane says:
    December 11th, 2008
    at 6:42 am
    hey guys,
    what a thread, what a long thread, I agree with betty,
    these kids are human being, so stay respectful.”

    wow, they would knock you out for just this comment i guess, it sounds like mdc could be mistaken for a online zoo fo some people. and even if its was… that whole R.E.S.P.E.C.T. is so washed out but everyone love to drop that word as an equal for FORVINESS… dammit, they’re all fine without that.

  92. eve says:

    sorry, was about to say FORGIVENESS, haha

  93. John says:

    OH MY GOSH! Does it really matter that much??
    Let them have fun and be successful!
    What kind of ass hole pretty much says “I don’t like their personal style and fun personalities, so they don’t deserve to have the same kind of treatment as all the other models.”

    You guys need to Calm Dooown!

  94. Brett says:

    and guess which super megastar photographer has just shot them both togther.
    its gunna be massive.

  95. epuk says:


  96. kim says:

    Betty, when is part 2? am so looking forward to it. these kids rock!

  97. louella says:

    one look at them and i would think… models? but i went and looked on selects website and i LOVE eliza. and i love what an uproar its created on models.com! its so rare!! they are brilliant. i dont really get the “couple” thing either, apart from them having the same hair. but i would love to see eliza do really well. amazing face… even if she’s not your normal model!

  98. Pangea says:

    I retract my comment that she will be put in the same boat and doubted by the industry during her early stages. I too looked at her agency website and she is simply to die for! A star is born I think.She reminds me of Elvis. I would like to know what sort of response she got here.I love her funny accent as well.E-L-I-Z-A!!
    E is for energy,
    L is for Life,
    I is for It,
    Z is for Zealous,
    A is for Amazing!!!

  99. eve says:

    99… yes we still have one left!
    these kids will have sooo many alternative careers to choose from if they just keep what caused everyone to hit this discussion. did they do any big shows with pictures on the web? or even another video?

  100. Sarah says:

    Haha, yes Part 2 is much needed :) Can’t wait, I love them both.

  101. Josh says:

    101, bitches.

  102. Bronte says:

    I know Eliza, i don’t know ash but i know she’d never go for anyone ‘fake’ or trying to be someone else.
    and she’s not a one trick pony, she’s done topshop, AP, shitloads f editorial…

    theyre both awesome, leave them alone :)

  103. Cherub says:

    They make a lovely couple, don’t they?

    And where is Part II?

  104. Selected says:

    Speaking as someone who knows both Ash and ELiza i can safely say there is nothing false about them whatsoever. They are normal teenage kids doing their job. They swear and drink like most teenagers nowadays and would like to suggest that ‘katemossusx’ should look back on the memories from when they were a teenager. If you did not drink or swear then you had a sheltered childhood.

    They are genuine kids and deserve to be treated with respect as much as anyone else.

  105. -- CAIRO -- says:

    HI every one! im a friend of Eliza’s and have been for 7 years which is nearly half of my life.
    i would just like to put the record straight here.
    Eliza is a wonderful girl and has gone out and done brilliantly for herslf. what most of your problems are, is that ur threatened by their image.
    Anyone here who says they wouldnt give anything for a day in there life is a FUCKING lar. i know i would.
    Besides all you goody two shoes out there that are slating the fact they theyv tried to get in places where their not old enough for clearly havent lived. ur a bunch of pathetic snobs. get a fucking grip on the real world. theyv done brilliantly to get where they are today and if you havent got anything nice to say then dont say anything at all. and like someone lese has said, go on selects website and take a look at Elizas’s portfolio, she takes amazing pictures for a 17 year old girl who had very low self esteem when growing up. im proud to know such a confident and successful teenager.
    PS Come on Eliza, you could have mentioned that you grew up in Portsmouth before moving to london!! give the city a good name, eh?

  106. ross says:

    everyone shut up.
    these guys are fucking brilliant.

    i love how the model lifestyle hasn’t go to their heads!

  107. am says:

    grow up please!!!!

  108. Krista says:

    I love them!

    So funny.

  109. The Red Rocker says:

    Ash is blatently stoned out of his head. And Betty you sounds like you’re trying to fit in with a couple of teenagers but you don’t know what to say, apart from, that is soooo funny. What a retarded show.

  110. betty says:

    The Red Rocker:

    Guess what? You’re right! I’m more than twice their age and I’m trying to talk to them in a way I’m hoping will be relaxed and is suitable for our site. Trust me, this interview was not the time and place for me to debate with them about the economy, global warming or politics.

    I for one am SOOOO glad I don’t know what to say to teenagers. It means I’ve grown up. You’ll see one day when you grow up.


  111. epuk says:

    Betty, you’re my hero :)

  112. giulia says:

    hey my question is is ash elizas boyfriend ???
    please mail back =)
    thank you !

  113. gen says:

    YOU WEIRDO!!! hahahahahaha

  114. JLS says:

    On one hand, I agree with anyone who’s stated that the ‘punk/rebel’ look is overplayed, because it is.

    On the other, these two look great together, and at least they pull it off well. Remember though, ‘it’ models are only hot for a period of time, everyone knows that, they know that, it’s only trendy until photographers and mags move on to the next hot specimen, so for now they’re blazing. End of Story.

    and, Giulia @ 1h21p.m, not to be rude but…did you even watch the video?

  115. jxshsmxth says:

    Well its not as if they’re trying to come across as all young & restless & whatever, it simply comes down to the fact that how they look is popular at the moment & its going to continue to become more so… & who cares if they swear & shit, like… people do that you know. more power to them for not bothering to censor themselves. god knows i wouldn’t.

  116. garrett moss says:

    i want to go to london! luv ash’s hair btw.

  117. arielle says:

    ASH is soo Fucking hot!, but your taken

  118. chiara says:

    i like.

  119. amy says:

    ash isn’t from SE london he’s from bromley, kent it’s a really middleclass area! He’s been with at least 5 of my friends!

  120. Amber says:

    I’m a little freaked out that these two dated when they look like…brother and sister..

  121. Whitney says:

    This interview was great.
    The personality, the style, I love it.
    Ash is one of my favorites, and Eliza is adorable.

  122. Alana says:

    I love em’ they’re so cool. make me laugh so hard.
    wanna go out for a drink? hahaha.

  123. pooopy says:

    your all knobs they are cute and sexy as fuck and sois josh beech;)

  124. Jackie says:

    I think they’re great. Don’t know that much about Eliza though but they’ve obviously made it for themselves and seem to make a living doing something they love. So why not? Ash is hot :)

  125. Biamah says:

    These “hater-comments” are absolutely brilliant, like how stupid can people get? :D
    We’re talking about an industry that presents undernourished and randomly intelligent models (I mean come on, I’m not gonna be challengeing Chanel Iman or Jessica Stam to a debate about the philosophy behind the Nazi movement in the 1930s, am I?), to kids every single day. It should be clear to even the dumbest of us that models are simply canvases of someone else’s greater mind, and therefore should be valued only based on their aesthetic input, a.k.a their beauty.
    I’m 20 years old, don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t have not one tattoo on me. Still I find myself relating to both Ash and Eliza more than most models out there. Ps. Seriously, check their portfolios!

  126. ingrid isla says:

    Oh my god.I love Ash,and Eliza is beautiful!

  127. :) says:

    To katemossusx,
    As a as part of the British ‘youth’ myself
    I would like to that there is nothing wrong with talking about getting drunk and saying the word fuck. If you look around this is how the minority of the youth dress and act these days.
    Sorry to break it to you, but you are acting rather petty towards them. Besides,I love how they look.
    I think some people need to cut them some slack.. if the model agency has given them a chance then they obviously they have a good ‘look’.

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