So Young, So Cool

Peaches and Daisy

Peaches Geldof and Daisy Lowe for W by Steven Meisel

The fashion set and the social set have collided yet again. Take a look at the editorial pages in any high fashion glossy these past few months and you will notice a slew of models who don’t quite fit the typical profile. They’re shorter, quirkier and at times downright odd, some of their last names are quite familiar while others, who lack the gift of famous parentage have made names for themselves outside the world of fashion. Socialites,  singers, part-time DJs and assorted cool kids have for better or worse taken over editorials, campaigns and covers.

This shift towards the semi-famous (or just plain infamous) has been much maligned. Photographers, editors and stylists may be smitten but naysayers are quick to point fingers and provide snarky commentary. The number one complaint lodged against these would be mannequins is that they are not models. Most are too short or unconventional looking to really match the traditional ideal of what a model should be. Even the most distinctive catwalkers tend to conform to the industry standards for height, shape or beauty. A girl (or boy for that matter) selected for their cool factor might not have the perfect face or body but they come with a little added je ne sais quoi that makes them desirable.


Louis & Claude Simonon for Prada by Hedi Slimane

Ultimately it’s this indescribable yet crucial aura that makes these kids so coveted. Whether by association (say what you will but being linked to a rock star helps) or by sheer force of personality the current crop comes with a sort of stylish audaciousness. They aren’t clothes hangers as much as they’re personalities in and of themselves – you’re just as likely to see one of these kids on Page Six as you are to see them in Vogue Paris. Whether you love or hate them there is no denying that they make an impression. In an age where celebrity is used to sell everything from pens to push up bras it’s really no wonder that editors are flocking towards the sort of models whose presence extends beyond the runway. Above all else a model should  be aspirational – one should look at the persona models present in images and want it that for themselves. Perhaps then it’s telling that the image so many editors / designers / people in the know are looking for right now isn’t necessarily one of physical perfection but instead is one of hip off the moment cool. Who doesn’t want that?


Alice Dellal by Matt Irwin for Dazed & Confused

Pixie Geldof

Pixie Geldof by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia


Dree Hemingway by Ezra Petronio for Self Service


Ash Stymest by Frederike Helwig for 10 Men

Jethro Cave by Derek Henderson for Russh


Daisy Lowe by Jason Kibbler for Interview Magazine

Eliza Cummings

Eliza Cummings by Terry Richardson for Vogue Nippon


Georgia May Jagger by Alasdair McLellan for Love Magazine

  1. The only one I like of these chewbaccas is Daisy Lowe, but great post. Would read again. A+

  2. Peaches and Daisy Geldof are one of the biggest jokes here in the UK. Reviled throughout the land, no talent no-brainers from famous parents and tabloid fodder.

    Please please please keep them over there with you, we’d be so grateful. Come on we supported you in Iraq, Afghanistan, with the IMF, you owe us one. A great big one, or two.

  3. The only one I like of these totally not interesting celebrity wannabes with no personality is Ash.

  4. the only good one is georgia the rest are just because of their status…or nationalities…or both! this is not fashion is a bad taste joke…Steven MAeisel went so down in many people’s opnion including mine!

  5. Daisy Lowe and Elisa look like men, not just in these photos. Peaches Geldof doesn’t deserve anything but the Simonons do deserve it despite having a celeb in the family.

    this has to be the biggest fashion disaster in history
    iv seen nicole richie on IV but this is even worse!!!!!!!!!!!
    im disgusted…

  7. Bored/Depressed with celeb offspring getting so much fashion attention.
    Little to no talent and certainly not photogenic or inspiring.
    Please stop supporting this until they do something worthy.

  8. Actually, Georgia May is quite inspiring though. I’m eager to see her developed into real talent. Best of luck & resist riding the coattails Georgia!

  9. Jethro Cave may possibly be one of the worst male models in the history of modeling

    I love Pixie’s look and Georgia is incredibly stunning, my hope is that this time next year (when all the rest of these one trick pony models are completely forgotten) Pixie and Georgia will still be modeling as they have such beauty and potential


  11. All right I get it. The only one missing is Cory Kennedy, probably overexposed. ;o) These kids are not role models, that’s not what this is about, but they have created an aura around them for being the coolest, the most popular kids in town. The ones with the best connections who bring in all the fun and badassness. They are not trained to be robots like models are today. I read a story on tFS that Isabeli once asked Meisel how long a shoot would take (it was late and she didn’t have a single shot yet) and he told her to go home! No wonder new models are told to keep their mouth shut no matter what, work hard, don’t blink, be eager. You’d better pee your pants than ask Meisel for a 2 sec break. Which is why I don’t get what he’s doing with these bad asses who burp in your face?! Please explain. If anything I’d rather have Isabeli burp in my face than Eloiza Commings.

    Btw all of the models Maisel touches lately turn into unidentifyable clones (see recent campaigns Prada, Missoni, Ferretti and VI editorials- even Amanda looked like Kasia). Makes me wonder if he contributes to all this mediocress in modelland or if he’s still a starmaker………. Personally i lost some of my interest but I’m excited to see which girl makes it into the I&V/Sims/M&M league.

    Amen. :-)

  12. Love the discussion! Keep it coming :)

    I am all for beauty Juan! Personally, I think Georgia (looks like an Estella Warren and Lara Stone mix to me) and Dree have great looks, definitely my personal favorites of the bunch. Pixie is unique as well, granted I don’t get the UK tabs over here so I don’t know how inundated people are with her image in England. Is she as omnipresent as a Lohan or Spears? Just wondering.

    Eliza is proving to be very interesting editorially as well. Loved the Richardson Vogue Nippon as well as her i-D cover. I know MDC readers have strong feelings on Ash and Eliza ^_^

  13. Better be just a minute. None of them seem to have anything great about their looks. Ash is alright but he’s not my cup of tea.

  14. I should add I do like what Pixie and Dree bring to their pics and Ash looks good on the runway. The other kids leave me completly cold.
    Why doesn’t the industry try to make recognizable faces out of MODELS, the girls with the right abilities are right there.

  15. The blame lies solely with one place … Select Models! All of the “models” featured above are pretty much British … they’re picked up by Select usually & then they’re able to really push & make them semi-famous … either a famous surname or extremely wealthy family seem to be the only requisite … the big London agencies did the same with all the aristos back in the late 90’s then this decade has been all about offspring of the famous … Ash & Eliza are the exceptions.

  16. Most of us that post here are models, so I guess I dont really know what I am talking about…but does anyone agree with me when I say that most of these people (not Ash, Eliza and some others) would not have been modeling if it wasnt for their parents and their famous last name..

  17. Janelle is a god amongst men when it comes to the written word. She has an undeniable talent, and always seems to perfectly (and effortless mind you) phrase what others might haphazardly stumble over while saying.

  18. Everyone forget that some of the best models have rich parents / famous last names. Marissa Berenson, Stella Tennant, Penelope Tree, Carla Bruni, Isabella Rosselini, even Lily Donaldson is the child of a well known photographer. Having connections is good, I don’t mind models who have that extra help as long as they are good at their job. Some of these children have potential but not all. A few of them are only famous because of their parents or being on the scene but in five years we will see who is left in the game.

  19. Clearly fashion magazines feel these socialites can sell magazines . Personally I think I shall skip Pixie Gelodof’s vogue Italia .And Vogue Italia , one of the most well known and cutting edge magazines in the world putting D list celebrities on their pages .The recession is hitting hard I see.

  20. I couldn’t agree with Miranda more!
    I want to see models with personality again. Real fashion stars with looks AND character.
    Who is responsible for keeping models personality-free and just coat-hangers today?
    Why were only a few Supermodels created?
    It seems like Linda, Naomi, Christy, Cindy, Claudia, Kate & Giselle are anomalies.
    Why don’t we have new models achieving at these levels… or do they?

  21. Isn’t lineage what the Brits have always been about? Isn’t that why we don’t have a queen on this side of the pond?

  22. I think the real shame is that these “socialite/ cool” kids are making it more difficult for the actual quirky and original kids to stand out and make it. The problem is that the fashion world has confused these types of kids as actually being authentically cool- they are not. They are most often mini Paris Hilton’s disguised in hipster clothing and rebellious attitudes with little to no substance. It’s nothing original and “cool” what so ever, and it’s almost embarrassing that people are falling for the act.

    That being said, fashion has always had a rather elitist attitude which I think is one of it’s major downfalls. If fashion had stuck to the rule that everyone has to fit the exact same mold to be a model we would have missed out on Kate Moss who stands inches below what is average for a model. There has to be room in the modeling world for these truly quirky, underdogs to make it. That’s what take fashion out of this cheesy cookie cutter world and pushes it towards something exciting, original, and truly artistic. The fashion world doesn’t need to ban people who are original, they need to be better at deciphering what true originality is.

  23. very well said sandy ^
    Quirky and unexpected is what makes fashion interesting.

  24. You can’t blame these kids for taking advantage of the people who put them where they are. I mean, if somebody offered to put me on the front cover of Italian vogue, or give me a massive campaign just because of my parents, then I’d probably do it as well.

    It’s just sad, that the people who make the decisions are overlooking the hundreds of other young models in London who have to drag themselves across the city every day going to castings, as well as often holding down part-time in the evenings and weekends.

    As a young and fairly unknown model myself (also with Select) I could be accussed of being biased. However, from reading this discussion, it seems that I am not alone in my disapointment, that fashion bibles are being diluted with the kind of celebrity culture that belongs in magazines such as “OK”, “HELLO” and “HEAT”.

    Don’t hate the kids (even if some of them really ARE brats), it’s the people who produce the magazines, and the people who continue to buy the magazines that are to blame.

  25. there is nothing cool about these kids and most of us in UK are rather embarrased at the attention they get.

    it’s just lazy from a casting perspective

  26. it’s all very well saying they are unconventional and bring je ne sais quoi but you have to be very dumb to actually believe that is why they are getting all this attention. the one and only reason is because of the tabloid column inches that they bring. it has nothing to do with fashion and everything to do with PR

    there are plenty of celebrities daughters who are modelling without going down this tacky route see Amber le Bon and there are plenty of genuinly cool kids who don’t get a look in because they don’t don’t have parents to pimp. Suki Alice @IMG london couldn’t be cooler same for Lucie Nontha @ models 1

  27. Perhaps we are overlooking the effect of the economy. Who costs more Kate Moss or one of these sorry looking people. The editors have to please the bean counters, so make a huge fuss over low cost models who appear to have forgotten basic body care and have someone in the family who can support them and you have a new, cheap fashion model. The magazine sells advertising space, the designers have lost their talent to make clothes that on their own are attractive get to put their rags on a celebs brat, and photographers seem to have lost the style and skill of the not to distant past and the whole mess ends up looking like a depressed group therapy shoot. But it doesn’t cost nearly as much to produce. And cost rules.

  28. Mmmm is spot on.

    Amber is gorgeous as having a Rock Star/Modelling lineage that puts all of the others (Apart from Lizzy and Georgia) to shame, but you don’t see her using it to further her career.

    Suki is clearly the coolest new model in London. Everyone knows this and it’s only a matter of time before she blows up which will be great because it will have happened because she’s authentic rather than completely manufactured.

    I don’t blame the kids at all or the agencies actually because they make loads of money from exploiting the connections which is ultimately their aim. It’s entirely the fault of lazy and unimaginative stlylists, photographers and clients who are so concerned with being cool and afraid to have amind of their own that to they all follow each other rather than coming up with anything exciting or new.

    The whole world may be looking at London and thinking how cutting edge we are but there is a good many of us in London who know the truth and find it all kinda embarrasing.

  29. When I see another celbrities kid gracing another magazine, getting another advert etc… I just think BLAH! What has happened to finding great new kids who are young, inspiring, cool.. who have a story.. who aren’t just someones KID. Its a sorry tale. We need new girls, exciting girls, MODELS who are FUN (please no skinny boring poles) its a disgrace to the british fashion industry I agree.

  30. you can’t really blame Meisel for shooting anyone of this stupid girls and even some guys…. his just a photographer and one of the best in the business, in this world we call fashion….To become one of the best you must shoot with one of the best, PIXIE, PEACHES, LILLY…..All they want is attention, some people give it to them. We in the fashion district in East London don’t give a shit what they do…..
    We work so hard to produce the best and we all work with great talented models….

    I was so pissed off when Italian Vogue which gave us BLACK iSSUE – could do so wrong. Well, i was so happy the issue didn’t sell as much….This is why American / Korea Vogue will always be my best Vogue.

    I hope Anna never do such mistake

  31. Jethro Cave is NOT A MALE MODEL. Anyone who thinks Peaches is a model MUST be mistaken, and this is so degrading to hardworking models (male and female), who tries so much to book jobs. Peaches G is what you call dissolution. a dissolution human wannabe model:- people who think and are very convince they are something they are so so so not…and Pixie, just pure waste of space……..

    I can’t believe any good booker in there right mind will sign them. But, i do understand the family name plays a big part in that process….Melissa see you tomorrow….

    Nick W
    Photo Production

  32. OH please get over it already. And how do you come around to calling someone stupid just based on photos or where they come from. Not to say but if intelligence had ever been a requirement for modeling…

    Anyway, there’s certainly something fascinating about some of them, the number of comments here certainly shows that.

  33. fascinating? you meet one of these girls and i promise you facination disspears

  34. I love Suki @ IMG too……she stands out from the crowd, she is an effortlessly cool kid ,has an amazing unique style and is a real star in the making who really deserves it …she is one to watch and should be on that list ;) !!!!

  35. i think georgia may is beautiful kinda in a cool way. pixie doesnt look awful either.

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