1. Windsurfing? that makes 2 of us.
    love her a lot. that mole is an extra touch. but lips-excellent…
    mole is in again, first cindy than kenda now barbara.

  2. she should not be the model of the week. she should be the stick of the week.she needs some meat of her bones

  3. her body is just right, remeber that not everyones goal is to become a victoria’s secret poster babes (even though she could)… love the face, like a blonde afro brazilian. its in the mix hoooney!!! hands up for barb!!!

  4. Hello, Barbara …
    Quel bonheur de voir que tu es à “l’endroit” que tu souhaitais …
    Je suis ravie de pouvoir te saluer, Jean-Marc nous ayant donné l’information.
    Prends soin de toi.
    Je t’embrasse affectueusement.

  5. Malaka, it’s her name for people, originating from Greece

    She’s a special model.. I met her first hand and we had a great time together.
    She’s a very nice and extremely fun girl under all the ‘model attitude’.. she doesn’t really have it to be honest!
    Wonderful to talk to, haha as I said she’s just fun..
    Very honest and not one bit fake!
    These pictures aren’t great guys, she’s progressed a lot these days..
    Her body is amazing and her facial features and so stunning.. her eyes are just so beautiful.
    When I first met her I didn’t think much of her..
    just another stupid, fake model
    But no she really is a special one and a wicked girl!

  6. Hello! Je t’ai connu toute petite, ca fait bizarre de te voir grande et femme! Juste n’oublie pas d’ou tu viens, la célébtite monte vite à la tête d’après ce que j’ai pu lire et voir du showbiz…



    (je ne peux oublier les moments oiù tu étais copine avec Alizée…)

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