Ash & Eliza Part 2

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The Ash & Eliza show Part 1 generated an unprecedented amount of comments never seen before on OTM. Love ’em or leave ’em (and we love ’em).. here is The Ash & Eliza Show Part 2.

  1. I love the dyslexic TATTOOO bahahaha

    Modest and Honest ==> cool

    A bit too much like the “Sunday morning Shoreditch version of the Britney Spears white trash…” So yeah, they sort of crossed the limit between acting cool and acting like a complete pothead…

    But hey, people used to like it, when shoreditch was actually alive…


  2. You’re both actually kind of sexy (esp. Ash!, sorry Eliza I’m gay, but you’re hot in your own way too!), and I love you guys’ haircuts!

    Fascinating, but slightly offputting with their personalities (they seem uninvolved and just blah.. like going nowhere), but there both very fashionable.

  3. i dont no y eliza is with ash. i love eliza she is such a down to earth girl, but ash he is just such a little, well sorry to say but (bastard). god eliza you do pick them down you!!!!!!!

  4. i cant stop looking at her she has the most beautfull face i have ever seen, with the little bow lips and big blue eyes and the perfect jaw line. i just wish i had met her befor she met ash i would be her slave so eliza if you read this i am in love with you……….

  5. I love them both!! eliza her face looks like edie sedgwick…really cute with her beaty spot…and ash is a totally hotstuff…fresh, versatile and most of all very cool!

  6. They’re so hilarious and endearing! =^_^=
    And ASH’s nipples is so juicy!

  7. they fucking rockkkkkkkk!!!!!!!

    someone should make them into a tv show :)

  8. hahahaha, made me smile watching this, and to think all along this is all that fashion needed :)

    ash and his girlfriend just scream YOUTH!!!!

    i think we have found our new teen icon :)
    but saying that he is oretty ucking stupid :) haha

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. i love ashley
    he is my best friend and is amazing :)
    and i agree with steph about the common sense.

  10. thanks betty you are wicked me and ash are back out in new york soon so will have to meet up x x x

  11. you have to do an interview with FOXY … she has more comments than those 2 freaks

  12. Most words ending in unstressed -our in the United Kingdom (e.g., colour, flavour, honour, armour, rumour) end in -or in the United States (i.e., color, flavor, honor, armor, rumor).

    Here in the states your tattoo is a-okay.

  13. eliza is amazing.
    i’ve met her, and she is so much fun. and she IS high fashion. she’s going to be on the cover of italian vogue. i don’t think italian vogue hires commercial models. she’s also been in some pretty amazing shows like marc jacobs and rodarte.

    she’s going to be big.

    o, and ash is an asshole. he cheated on her.

  14. i love them both, together, separate, i don’t care.
    they’re both extremely amazing models and i think
    that anyone who says otherwise is delusional.
    they’re exactly the kind of people that the fashion
    world needs to embrace and i’m glad that their
    kind of beauty is being recognized. half the kids
    i know look and dress exactly like them and it’s about
    time people start seeing us as just delinquents

  15. Stymest is one of the hottest models i have ever seen in my life by far, and as much as i want to hate Cummins, shes absolutely gorgeous.
    they’re perfect.

  16. I think they’re pretty rad
    You people are all kinds of crazy.
    Eliza and Ash are so darn lovable!

  17. I love the interviewers American accent in contrast with their harsh London accents.

  18. I like them both – so rock’n ‘roll- love it. . especially ash , I just love that kind of look on guys . I personally don’t really think this extreme punk look is beautiful on girls but I totally accept and admire if someone has found his own style and doesn’t care about what others say .
    But when I heard them talking I wondered how old they are ? Because when they were talking about getting really drunk and being so freaking cool beacauese of that I thought that people in my age usually behave like that ( and I’m 16 ! ) ..
    oh well , but anyway I think that kind of look is the future of the model business

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