1. this is what’s killing fashion and making it more stifling and lifeless; perpetual use of rail thin, bland looking caucasian models. A swedish blond is nothing new or exciting. Show more latins-I mean “real latins besides Brazilians who don’t even look latin, black( remember Louise Vyent, Karen Alexander, Beverly Peele,)east Asians, south Asians(Yasmin Ghauri, Nadege), mixed. This is when fashion was fun because you had an array of beautiful models from all over the world. Anyone recall the revlon ads shot by Avedon in the 80s? He was the master of showcasing different beauties! We need people like him back!

  2. I agree with Cookie. Isa is definitely in our view, unique and
    quite stunning. Fashion_Nomad, you’re almost showing a reverse
    racism by saying to show models just because they’re Latin,
    black, Asian. We show models who are gorgeous, regardless of
    skin color. It’s just a matter of who is getting signed at the
    agencies. I loved all those models from the 80’s and 90’s,
    and believe me if a girl like Yasmin Ghauri and Louise Vyent were
    around now, you can be sure they would definitely get noticed.
    True beauty will always shine through. With the recent hoopla
    over the lack of diversity on the runways/magazines/editorials,
    I’m hoping that there will be more a lot more color in our
    submissions by the agencies for model of the week. The girl/boy
    still have to have that something extra. I’m not going to put
    them up, just because they are a person of color. I’m going to
    put them up because I think they are beautiful. The last guy
    model of the week is this gorgeous black kid from NY. He has it
    all, the face, the body and strength in the eyes. That’s what
    we’re looking for… not skin color.

    (by the way, I am Asian!)

  3. i am the one who really likes 90′ or 80′ in fashion.
    but who doesn’t?
    fashion is everywhere today, and beauty about it is that not anyone,
    but majority of the people can call themselfs beautiful in a fashion sence.
    for example we have a stunning conterato d. no?
    this girl, so classic model look a like, is great.
    but gorgeous? well, we would have to c more!

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