The Ash and Eliza Show Pt 1.

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The MDC offices have not seen anywhere near the entertainment value Select’s finest Ash and Eliza brought to our spare and fluorescent rooms. We adored the realness this couple provided all conversation long. see for yourself in Pt 1 of MDC’s exclusive Q+A.    (See Part 2, here)

  1. I know Eliza, i don’t know ash but i know she’d never go for anyone ‘fake’ or trying to be someone else.
    and she’s not a one trick pony, she’s done topshop, AP, shitloads f editorial…

    theyre both awesome, leave them alone :)

  2. Speaking as someone who knows both Ash and ELiza i can safely say there is nothing false about them whatsoever. They are normal teenage kids doing their job. They swear and drink like most teenagers nowadays and would like to suggest that ‘katemossusx’ should look back on the memories from when they were a teenager. If you did not drink or swear then you had a sheltered childhood.

    They are genuine kids and deserve to be treated with respect as much as anyone else.

  3. HI every one! im a friend of Eliza’s and have been for 7 years which is nearly half of my life.
    i would just like to put the record straight here.
    Eliza is a wonderful girl and has gone out and done brilliantly for herslf. what most of your problems are, is that ur threatened by their image.
    Anyone here who says they wouldnt give anything for a day in there life is a FUCKING lar. i know i would.
    Besides all you goody two shoes out there that are slating the fact they theyv tried to get in places where their not old enough for clearly havent lived. ur a bunch of pathetic snobs. get a fucking grip on the real world. theyv done brilliantly to get where they are today and if you havent got anything nice to say then dont say anything at all. and like someone lese has said, go on selects website and take a look at Elizas’s portfolio, she takes amazing pictures for a 17 year old girl who had very low self esteem when growing up. im proud to know such a confident and successful teenager.
    PS Come on Eliza, you could have mentioned that you grew up in Portsmouth before moving to london!! give the city a good name, eh?

  4. everyone shut up.
    these guys are fucking brilliant.

    i love how the model lifestyle hasn’t go to their heads!

  5. Ash is blatently stoned out of his head. And Betty you sounds like you’re trying to fit in with a couple of teenagers but you don’t know what to say, apart from, that is soooo funny. What a retarded show.

  6. The Red Rocker:

    Guess what? You’re right! I’m more than twice their age and I’m trying to talk to them in a way I’m hoping will be relaxed and is suitable for our site. Trust me, this interview was not the time and place for me to debate with them about the economy, global warming or politics.

    I for one am SOOOO glad I don’t know what to say to teenagers. It means I’ve grown up. You’ll see one day when you grow up.


  7. hey my question is is ash elizas boyfriend ???
    please mail back =)
    thank you !

  8. On one hand, I agree with anyone who’s stated that the ‘punk/rebel’ look is overplayed, because it is.

    On the other, these two look great together, and at least they pull it off well. Remember though, ‘it’ models are only hot for a period of time, everyone knows that, they know that, it’s only trendy until photographers and mags move on to the next hot specimen, so for now they’re blazing. End of Story.

    and, Giulia @ 1h21p.m, not to be rude but…did you even watch the video?

  9. Well its not as if they’re trying to come across as all young & restless & whatever, it simply comes down to the fact that how they look is popular at the moment & its going to continue to become more so… & who cares if they swear & shit, like… people do that you know. more power to them for not bothering to censor themselves. god knows i wouldn’t.

  10. ash isn’t from SE london he’s from bromley, kent it’s a really middleclass area! He’s been with at least 5 of my friends!

  11. I’m a little freaked out that these two dated when they look like…brother and sister..

  12. This interview was great.
    The personality, the style, I love it.
    Ash is one of my favorites, and Eliza is adorable.

  13. I love em’ they’re so cool. make me laugh so hard.
    wanna go out for a drink? hahaha.

  14. I think they’re great. Don’t know that much about Eliza though but they’ve obviously made it for themselves and seem to make a living doing something they love. So why not? Ash is hot :)

  15. These “hater-comments” are absolutely brilliant, like how stupid can people get? :D
    We’re talking about an industry that presents undernourished and randomly intelligent models (I mean come on, I’m not gonna be challengeing Chanel Iman or Jessica Stam to a debate about the philosophy behind the Nazi movement in the 1930s, am I?), to kids every single day. It should be clear to even the dumbest of us that models are simply canvases of someone else’s greater mind, and therefore should be valued only based on their aesthetic input, a.k.a their beauty.
    I’m 20 years old, don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t have not one tattoo on me. Still I find myself relating to both Ash and Eliza more than most models out there. Ps. Seriously, check their portfolios!

  16. To katemossusx,
    As a as part of the British ‘youth’ myself
    I would like to that there is nothing wrong with talking about getting drunk and saying the word fuck. If you look around this is how the minority of the youth dress and act these days.
    Sorry to break it to you, but you are acting rather petty towards them. Besides,I love how they look.
    I think some people need to cut them some slack.. if the model agency has given them a chance then they obviously they have a good ‘look’.

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