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December 27th, 2011 by Janelle | Model News
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A look back on some of the most powerful, controversial and beautiful magazine covers of the past year. Be sure to share your own favorites in the comments!

POP F/W 11
Rene Habermacher – Photographer | Isabelle Kontoure – Fashion Editor/Stylist | Peter Gray – Hair Stylist |Romy Soleimani – Makeup Artist | Tracylee – Manicurist |Marina Abramovic – Creative Direction | Freja Beha Erichsen – Model

POP is known for merging art and fashion into a neat little package and their F/W cover was a weird and wonderful combination of Freja & a mini-Marina Abramovic.

i-D No. 311 The Livin Loud Issue
Emma Summerton – Photographer | Edward Enninful – Fashion Editor/Stylist | Jimmy Paul – Hair Stylist | Mathias van Hooff – Makeup Artist | Gillian O’Brien – Set Designer | Marian Newman – Manicurist | Ajak Deng – Model

The hair! The styling! The wink! Everything about this cover harks back to the punk chic brilliance of i-D’s heritage.

Vogue China 6th Anniversary Edition
Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin – Photographers | Nicoletta Santoro – Fashion Editor/Stylist | Duffy – Hair Stylist | Wendy Rowe – Makeup Artist | Lena Naomi – Manicurist | Models –  Du Juan , Fei Fei SunLiu WenMing XiShu Pei & Sui He

We can’t think of a more fitting tribute to six years of Vogue China. Inez & Vinoodh create an elegant showcase for six of fashion’s foremost beauties, letting them shine in color coordinating Gucci gowns.

Numero November 2011
Camilla Akrans – Photographer | Franck Benhamou – Fashion Editor/Stylist | Shay Ashual – Hair Stylist | Lloyd Simmonds – Makeup Artist | Elsa Durens – Manicurist | Model – Aline Weber

Simply striking and oh so captivating proof that all it takes is one look to draw readers in.

Vogue Italia June 2011
Steven Meisel – Photographer | Edward Enninful – Fashion Editor/Stylist | Guido Palau – Hair Stylist | Pat McGrath – Makeup Artist | Randall Peacock – Set Designer | Jin Soon Choi – Manicurist | Models – Candice HuffineRobyn Lawley & Tara Lynn

Exquisite jewelry, delicate lingerie and three luscious beauties, Meisel’s June cover (and corresponding editorial) was a visual feast, filled with the kind of sensuality and eroticism we didn’t see much of this year.

Dazed & Confused October 2011

Matthew Stone – Photographer | Katy England – Fashion Editor/Stylist | Eamonn Hughes – Hair Stylist | Yadim – Makeup Artist | David White – Set Designer | Riccardo Tisci – Designer | Elsa Durens – Manicurist | Chris MooreMariacarla Boscono & Saskia de Brauw

The artist and his muses, Matthew Stone shoots Tisci alongside Mariacarla, Chris & Saskia for a dramatic image that calls to mind renaissance paintings.

LOVE F/W 2011
Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott – Photographer | Arianne Philips – Fashion Editor/Stylist | Katie Grand – Fashion Editor/Stylist | Panos Yiapanis – Fashion Editor/Stylist | Ashley Javier – Hair Stylist | Luigi Murenu – Hair Stylist | Kirstin Piggott – Makeup Artist | Lucia Pieroni – Makeup Artist | Models – Chloe MoretzElle FanningHailee SteinfeldDaphne GroeneveldKristen McMenamyLara StoneMariacarla BosconoNyasha Matonhodze

Don’t shed a tear, Mert & Marcus’ LOVE covers might have featured several top models & Hollywood starlets crying, but they made our list for sheer originality. Even the preview image for the covers, featuring Nyasha and one feathered fancy of a headpiece is among the years best.

Vogue Italia March 2011
Steven Meisel – Photographer | Panos Yiapanis – Fashion Editor/Stylist | Guido Palau – Hair Stylist | Pat McGrath – Makeup Artist | Mary Howard – Set Designer | Jin Soon Choi – Manicurist | Model – Saskia de Brauw

In all honesty we could put together a list of best Vogue Italia covers of the year, since there were (as always) quite a few good ones to choose from. That said, Saskia’s glittering March cover lived up to the cover text and just plain dazzled us.


Vogue Paris May 2011
Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott – Photographer | Emmanuelle Alt – Fashion Editor/Stylist | Paul Hanlon – Hair Stylist | Charlotte Tilbury – Makeup Artist | Lorraine Griffin – Manicurist | Model – Kate Moss

Everyone wants a piece of Kate Moss and Mert & Marcus’ memorable VP cover shows the supermodel looking nonchalant as ever, while a host of hands vie for the clothes right off Moss’ back.

W’s Art Issue 
Max Vadukul – Photographer | Edward Enninful – Fashion Editor/Stylist | Alicia Torello – Manicurist | Ai Wei Wei – Creative Direction Model – Sui He

Ai Wei Wei makes a bold statement with his collaboration with W, shot by Max Vadukul the cover (and accompanying editorial) show a woman being arrested, kidnapped and ultimately silenced: powerful imagery and the legendary artist’s first new work since being released from government custody.


BONUS : Garage Magazine Debut Issue

Love it or hate it, Damien Hirst’s butterfly tattoo was the most shocking & debated cover of the entire year.


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  1. Not on the guest list says:

    All the chosen covers are great, and actually I can’t think of any other magazine cover that caught my attention, maybe the Vogue Italia covers of May and September, Anna Wintour should learn a couple of things from Franca Sozzani.

    The October issue from Dazed & Confused was one of the few cover/editorials of the year where I did not find nudity unnecessary. LOVE IT

  2. candice says:

    There are six women on the cover of Vogue China, not 5.

  3. TeeVanity says:


  4. dreamsoflenny says:

    The Vogue China cover is everything. So beautiful.

  5. person says:

    I would have liked to see Lara’s August VP cover :/ it was STUNNING

  6. AJ says:

    Nice to Kate’s May VP cover selected, I found it rather underrated and sadly missing from most other end-of-year round ups.

  7. roo says:

    Vogue China’s simply beautiful

  8. Ting says:

    Fashion + Art , LOVE the W cover.

  9. malo says:

    sry guys but love cover with the blond “angelic girl” that was amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!!!

  10. david says:

    excuse me, can someone answer my question according to what choice u choose this covers? raquel zimmerman vogue italia aug, lea t- love magazine, saskia de brau vogue paris-march. hello whoever u are at models.com u forget those covers!!! as well stella tennat i-d, naomi campbell vogue japan(the first black in years to apear in voguejp) many many many moreeeee

  11. miguel says:

    BORING, thousands times, all the covers. Especially Vogue Paris.
    NUMÉRO COVER: Pathetic.

  12. miguel says:

    CoverS “W” AND “POP”:??????????????????????????????????????????.

  13. sean says:

    i like vogue paris the most among them but the love cover with nyasha is a little scary because i think it suggests something heinous

  14. Nádia says:

    LOVED LOVE! *.* All of them! Such an amazing and dreamy concept!


  15. Serdane says:

    The i-D magazine and the Love are the both very exceptional of this year !!

  16. carola says:

    My favorite was Vogue Italia with Raquel Zimmermann (August issue)

  17. Botas Rotas says:

    Loveeeeeeeed Kate Moss cover

  18. Lmv says:

    Vogue China is the best of the bunch!

  19. sissy says:

    no one of these…I would personally say the 7 covers of Muse by Luigi Murenu , February 2011!!!

  20. ellen says:

    really these are the selected covers?
    omg there were much better ones!

    lara for vogue paris august for example.
    just take a look at this link: http://fashionista.com/2011/12/the-best-magazine-covers-of-2011/ and you’ll see much better covers (some are the same like saskia’s for vogue italia) selected.

    shame on you models.com

  21. mikecheng says:

    the W’s cover is Liu Wen !!!!

    not Sui He !!!

  22. TeaAtTwo says:

    The Kate cover is overrated. None of the Vogue Paris covers this year were at all impressive.The Pop, Love and Belle Vere covers are my favourite out these choices.

  23. TeaAtTwo says:

    I loved the opulence of Karmen’s Numero cover.

  24. ZzZz says:

    model cn 你们这是自寻死路啊 竟然有敏感词(AWW) XD XD 小心你们被天朝给封了哦

  25. trumancapote says:

    someone seriously like the cover of Numero with those badly hairspray lips ?

    tisci & Co s amazing !!!!!!!!

  26. Winder Lambis says:

    for me the best its the second one “Alek Wek for ID”

  27. IS THIS IT? models review says:

    Not here, but the i-D cover with Hailey (by Matt Jones) is totally one of my favs of the year, in its wonderful simplicity…

  28. kirsi says:


  29. sam says:

    really?!?!?! these all crazy choices…i understand pop, id, and love…but the rest were not up to par pleassse

  30. Arijan says:

    like cover from LOVE,so feminine art

  31. Andrea says:

    Vogue Italia january 2011 cover just wonderful

  32. POP says:

    Thank you for choosing one of our covers into your selection.
    Credits are wrong though. Please correct as follows:
    Fashion Editor/Stylist Isabelle Kountoure, Hair Peter Gray, Make-up Romy Soleimani
    Thank you.

  33. Linus says:

    ..What about the winter covers of BON? Honestly those were the best covers of 2012, alongside with LOVE’s & Dazed’s.

  34. love#0101 says:

    @winder lambis its ajak deng and i agree its amazing hoping for more love for her in 2012

  35. Rose says:
  36. Antonio Barros says:

    Aline Weber at Numero looks amazing!

  37. Takuhito Kawashima says:

    HUGE magazine No. 85 was one of the best cover as well!!


  38. frankie says:

    Where is Daphne Groeneveld cover for NUMERO?


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