2011 Campaigns of the Year

The very best campaigns of 2011 took things to another level with expressive videos that captured the mood of the collections and even surprised us a little.


DirectorSteven Meisel | Melissa Klitzke-Rubini – Fashion Editor/Stylist | Guido Palau – Hair Stylist | Pat McGrath – Makeup Artist | Mary Howard – Set Designer | Ashley Brokaw – Casting Director | ModelsTatiana Cotliar, Kinga Rajzak, Arizona Muse, Zuzanna Bijoch & Mariacarla Boscono

Who knew these girls could move the way they do? The brightly colored and striped collection called for a video that didn’t take itself too seriously and Meisel delivered. Watch Tati, Kinga, Arizona, Zuzanna and Mariacarla get their groove on to a techno beat.


DirectorRuth Hogben | Model Kristen McMenamy

Hogben continuously pushes the boundaries of fashion film and her hypnotic pieces for Gareth Pugh set the standard by which all other fashion videos are judged.


DirectorMert Alas and Marcus Piggott  | George Cortina – Fashion Editor/Stylist | Luigi Murenu – Hair Stylist | Lucia Pica – Makeup Artist | Models Sasha Pivovarova & Diego Fragoso

The Armani name is synonymous with elegance, but Sasha’s presence adds that extra something special. The corresponding video is just a dream – rose petals falling, the undeniable beauty of that silver gown and enough melodrama to keep you going for a year.


DirectorSteven Meisel | Guido Palau – Hair Stylist | Pat McGrath – Makeup Artist | Mary Howard – Set Designer | Ronnie Cooke-Newhouse – Creative Director | Models Raquel Zimmermann, Karen Elson, Milo Spijkers & Lowell Tautchin

Alber Elbaz dancing to Pitbull, what more does any campaign need? Raquel, Karen, Milo and Lowell all put on a good show in this viral treat, but no one can top Alber!


DirectorMert Alas and Marcus Piggott |  Joe McKenna – Fashion Editor/Stylist | Garren – Hair Stylist | Lucia Pieroni – Makeup Artist | Gerard Santos – Set Designer | Lorraine Griffin – Manicurist | Models Lindsey Wixson, Daphne Groeneveld & River Viiperi

It is Donatella’s world, we just live in it. Lindsey and Daphne are puppets caught within a Versace fun house in this imaginative spot that features the duo trapped inside labyrinths, running through giant hamster wheels and quickly learning that Lady Versace is not one to be toyed with.

CKOne 2011

Steven Meisel – Photographer | Karl Templer – Fashion Editor/Stylist | Guido Palau – Hair Stylist | Pat McGrath – Makeup Artist | Randall Peacock – Set Designer | Jin Soon Choi – Manicurist | Fabien Baron – Creative Director | Jennifer Starr – Casting Director | Models – Lara Stone, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Eliza Cummings, Alice Dellal, Viggo Jonason, Yuri Pleskun, Pixie Geldof, Callum Wilson, David Agbodji, Valerija Kelava,River Viiperi, Ajak Deng, Ruby Aldridge, Fei Fei Sun, Samantha Gradoville, Daphne Groeneveld

With an all star cast and a host of voyeuristic videos, Calvin Klein’s 2011 CK One campaign sought the attention of the Youtube generation. Built around their special CK One website and featuring interviews, mixed with candid moments inside the CK Box – these ads win points for originality.


David Sims – Photographer | Guido Palau – Hair Stylist | Diane Kendal – Makeup Artist | Ezra Petronio – Art Director | Models – Arizona MuseMalgosia BelaSigrid AgrenZuzanna Bijoch

The ethereal side of David Sims’ work always comes out for Chloe. For the F/W ads he shot the line’s feminine collection in a woodland setting that made the lighter than air dresses and snakeskin accented separates look even more natural than they did on the runway: just a simple, beautiful campaign.


Alex Prager – Photographer | Karolina Kurkova – Model | Santiago Montero

2011 was the year Alex Prager invaded fashion. The art darling brought her birds and startled looking couples with her when she created Bottega’s memorable Hitchcock inspired campaign. The behind the scenes vid gives a look into her process and Bottega’s continued collaborations with leading artists.


Steven Meisel – Photographer | Mary Howard – Set Designer | Freja Beha ErichsenKristen McMenamy & Raquel Zimmermann

Three of fashion’s finest bringing that chinoiserie to life in richly saturated shots by Meisel. If there is one campaign we wish had a video to go with it – this would be the one.


Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott – Photographer | Carine Roitfeld – Fashion Editor/Stylist | Panos Yiapanis – Fashion Editor/Stylist | Luigi Murenu – Hair Stylist | Lucia Pieroni – Makeup Artist | Riccardo Tisci – Creative Director | Lorraine Griffin – Manicurist  | Models – Jonathan Marquez, Kristen McMenamy, Mariacarla Boscono, Naomi Campbell, Natalia Vodianova, Rob Evans

Aggressive, sexy and in your face – a campaign befitting those omnipresent Rotweiler prints from the collection. While Givenchy didn’t grant us a full on campaign video – they did give us an alluring look behind the scenes.


  1. You miss Roberto Cavalli feauturing Natasha Poly, Karen Elson and Mariacarla Boscono by Mert & Marcus. There were also the video!!

  2. To me by far the best campaign of the year was Prada fall 2011 by Steven Meisel, i also really like Lanvin Fall 2011, but that Prada Campaign 2011 i found it horrible.

  3. The Prada S/S 11 collection was BEYOND groundbreaking, and the campaign lived up to the standard. Miuccia is having a moment…a moment that has lasted for numerous seasons, and will continue captivating fashion elite and us regular Joes and Joannes until she bestows the Prada patent pumps on a successor. The other campaign that stands out to me is Versace for H&M…which just goes to show, even reasonably priced diffusion lines can still create a fashion fantasy with its campaign. And the fact that Daphne is one of my favorite models of the current era has absolutely NOTHING to do with it….

  4. Amazing PRADA! This was a definite stand out for this year. Also, someone told me Prada was overrated, I just showed them this campaign. Love the Girls and Meisel!

  5. So delectable!
    I was rather out of the campaign/editorial/cover loop most of the year but I concur most on this list with Lanvin and Versace for H&M. Lanvin was smashing and the video campaign was/is *mag*nif*icent* as is the Versace.

    My top pick outside of this list is CHANEL SS/11 – a Heavenly delight. There was strong sense of escapism via an Indian sabbatical filled with splendor which I imagine found its birth in the conception of Paris-Bombay. And it goes without verbalizing the brilliant SS/11 collection. The blush-tone feathered gown alone was pure fashiconography. I relished in the nonchalant visual of “yes this dress costs 10k but I will

    CHANEL Paris-Byzance aswell. An eras old, sensual capture yet so modern -everything of the House.

    Tom Ford Neroli Portofino was quite enjoyable. Made ya smile.

    A very Happy New Year to everyone!

  6. Johan Renck directed Versace/H&M video not Mert and Marcus.
    M&M just did the print campaign.

  7. Lanvin was super fine until I saw (and heard!) the video. There’s not a finer example of degeneration of this society than Pitbull and the use of his song makes me never want to buy a Lanvin product ever again.

  8. For me the best were…
    Prada, the campaign was cool but the video was excellent, Tati and Kinga dancing like there is no tomorrow, I even practice some Tati moves and I kinda nailed it.

    Armani, because it was sensual and provocative but elegant and the cast was awesome.

    Lanvin, because it was original but I wish they had chosen another, I’m a bit tired of Pitbull, but Alber’s moves were amazing.

    Versace & Ck One, these campaign proved that people are smart and a well-thoguht campaign can do anything.

    Last but not least Givenchy, I love Givenchy and Riccardo, the only thing that I missed was the group shots, It would have been awesome to see Rob with Naomi

  9. Prada is immensely memorable (and I’m too hopelessly biased anyway).
    The girls did some serious damage grinding those shoes:)
    Everybody seems to have great fun.
    Happy New Year everyone.

  10. Djee, i’m dissapointed with the choices.

    Versace for H&M: photoshop MUCH. Lindsey doesn’t even look like herself. The video is nice btw.

    LV = dragqueen much and freja looks in every single shot the same.

  11. River is in 2 campaigns listed here, I just don’t understand why the boy doesn’t get any editorial jobs done. He should be doing VHJ and not some obscure Indonesian magazine.

  12. Lanvin!!

    It seems like it would be such fun to be in the Versace campaign

  13. Again good list, but in my opinion LV F/W 11 was far more iconic and memorable than Chloe F/W 11 or LV S/S 11. In fact even the show was the most iconic i’ve seen in a very long time.
    I think that was the most talked-about campaign.

  14. The Dolce and Gabbana SS ads were a particular favourite of mine, I loved the drama in them.

  15. i loved that prada video zuzanna looks great
    armani as always clasic it was expensive and beautiful
    versace for h&m one of the best for me
    givenchy it was fun to watch
    but lanvin oh no it was painful to watch it was degraded looks like a homemade video

  16. I am a huge fan of Chanel Campaigns but….. The Sasha Pivovarova’s pictures for Armani were so androginy and I loves them, also Givenchy and the Albert elbaz dancing too jejjejeje .

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