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December 19th, 2011 by betty | Boys, Model News
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Models.com’s Top Men of 2011

While we obviously love a male model just as much as the rest of the fashion crowd, if you ask the average person outside of the industry to name the the top mens’ faces, chances are you’ll be met with a very blank stare. It takes a special combination of beauty, charisma and the right amount of “hype” to stand out to this tough audience. Meet our favorite male faces of 2011 who rose above this very crowded field.

Andrej Pejic for Out Magazine by Gavin Bond

Andrej Pejic

Already on many top lists of 2011, Andrej's list of achievements this year were notable. As the poster model for androgynous beauty; his 10+ covers, walking as the bride for Jean Paul Gaultier, meeting with the Queen of England and most recently his lingerie campaign for HEMA, catapulted Andrej to the forefront of the public's consciousness. Did you know he's our most Facebook liked model (with over 4,500 Likes as of this writing) out of the 2,500 models in our database (and even beats out Gisele and Kate!).

David Gandy, image from Details Magazine by Norman Jean Roy

David Gandy

For fans of the classical ideal of male beauty, David Gandy comes closest to resembling the Greek gods of ancient times. His multiple campaigns for Dolce & Gabbana guarantee a look at either his sculptured body, his impressively square jawed visage or if we're lucky, both. The British model scored a coup this fall with the November solo cover of Details Magazine, a magazine normally fronted by heavy hitters in Hollywood or music. Quite a responsibility to be the face of "America's New Male Body Obsession" but we think David can most definitely handle the job!

Baptiste Giabiconi by Karl Lagerfeld for Fendi F/W 11

Baptiste Giabiconi

Never has there been as much controversy as when we made Baptiste our #1 male model in 2009. In between working non stop with Mr Lagerfeld, Baptiste managed to squeeze in a music video (Showtime) and appearances this year on France's Dancing with the Stars. His work ethic and the gusto which which he throws himself into any project has certainly made an impression on those outside the fashion world.

Noah Mills by Giampaolo Sgura for Antidote Magazine

Noah Mills

We've literally watched Noah grow up behind the camera since his appearance as model of the week back in 2003. While many male models dream of going into acting, rare are the few who straddle both arenas of fashion and film as adroitly as Mr Mills. Noah's role in last year's Sex and the City movie and in this year's popular TV series, 2 Broke Girls combined with his continued presence in campaigns like Tommy Hilfiger make him a star with unique crossover appeal.

Sean O'Pry by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin for Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb

Sean O’Pry

A fixture on the scene since 2007, Sean O's face reeks of high fashion and male glamour. His impressive list of clients and photographers with whom he's worked includes almost every blue chip name you can think of in a mere 4 years. We made him our #1 male model in Fall 2011 just as he came out with one of the most coveted jobs in male modeling, a solo fragrance contract.

Rob Evans by Steven Meisel for cK one Jeans F/W 11

Rob Evans

Yes Rob achieved major fashion cred this year with appearances in Givenchy and Calvin Klein's campaigns but what sets this English young man apart is his movie star handsome face combined with the ridiculously athletic body of the boxer that he is. His public appearances at Naomi Campbell's Fashion for Relief and for Calvin Klein prove he's a unique face that intrigues both brands and the public.

River Viiperi by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott for Versace for H&M F/W 11

River Viiperi

River is that newest breed of model, the one who realizes the importance of new media. There are others who are just as popular, but there is no other male model at this moment who engages as much with his legion of fans as River. From his Facebook page to his blog to his Twitter, we salute the charismatic Spanish star for his understanding of the active role that models must play in their professional career.

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  1. TeeVanity says:

    OMG I Love this all my faves are on the list, well done Betty & the models team. “Confetti” I agree with everything here.

  2. Dux says:

    No Marlon and Chico on this list?WTF?They are much deserved to be on this list more then Rob and River.Their FB pages have more likes then all other male models and most of female’s.

  3. drew says:

    i miss simon nessman!

  4. Lily says:

    Such a shame River didn’t get the Versace campaign for SS12, he seems to be in good terms with Donatella and I really thought he would.

  5. PR says:

    andrej. if a person outside of fashion world, knows about you, its something.

  6. betty says:

    @ Dux:

    While we love Francisco and Marlon, it’s not only about FB likes. They are both great models and have huge followings but it’s clear right now that they are not interested in doing anything outside of modeling, which is totally fine.

    The point of this list is to note the male models who will make an impact on the GENERAL public, whether it’s through entertainment (Baptiste and Noah), through major hype (Andrej), sheer recognizability of huge contracts (David and Sean) or through public appearances/new media (Rob and River).

    This can obviously change for Francisco and Marlon in the future, but this is a list for 2011.

    Happy holidays,

  7. VGL says:

    Props to all the men on the list! Thx Betty!

  8. catherina says:

    River!! you’re so cute! :)

  9. Paris says:

    Well said Betty! Totally agree with you! The list is perfect! Just hope there’s a place for Sebastian Sauve next year or any time soon. Congrats to everyone and specially River, keep it up man!

  10. Adrián says:

    Who is Rob Evans!?!?!?! …And where is Francisco Lachowsky?????
    The rest I think is right, but are you guys sure about River Viipieri and Baptistery Giabiconi (not to mention Rob Evans whom I have no idea who he is) and not Francisco!?!?!?

  11. betty says:

    To Adrian,

    See my answer above at 11:22AM…..

    This list is a point of view; and it is a look at the larger picture.


  12. Drew says:

    River is a perfect selection as a new breed of model. He truly does understand and make use of new media. I follow him on Twitter and his blog and find his video updates on the life of a model fascinating. Congratulations River on a well-deserved honor. :)

  13. o says:

    jade foret has 7600 likes =)

  14. Dom says:

    No Clement?

  15. agustinitap says:

    @agustinitap follow me.

  16. Julis says:

    I’m so happy for River! :) He’s one of the best! I love him! :D

  17. Cielo Azul says:


  18. Mauri says:

    Where is Francisco?

  19. Ryan R. says:

    I really find the list very interesting and it definitely nailed almost all the male models applicable for this list, I do think that Simon nessman is starting to creep up along side sean on this list, I mean people may recognize seans face but Im sure they wouldnt know a name to it, the same is to say about Simon Nessman, His picture is everywhere around my town every mall I have been to in a 50 miles radius had his face on something.

  20. *Monika* says:

    David Gandy and Sean O’Pry are totally my type!
    HOT! :*


  21. Anonymiss says:

    Where is Mathias Lauridsen? :(

  22. Amanda says:

    River Viiperi is probably one of the best models I’ve ever known. He’s so loyal to his fans and he definitely keeps it real. He keeps in touch with his fans through uStream, Twitter, Facebook and his YouTube channel and that’s one of the many reasons why I love him. His shots are amazing to say the least and he’s definitely going to make it as an actor. He never gives up and NEVER BACKS DOWN! Team Viiperi!

  23. cmrdra says:

    sean o,pry and noah mills :) fav. modelsss:)

  24. cmrdra says:

    sean o,pry and noah mills :) fav. modelsss:) @cmrdra

  25. John says:

    Baptiste Giabiconi certainly deserved to be on the list. Besides being a fashion icon, he is a hit in France. There is no way to compare the public success of the people on the list (less Rob Evans and River Viiperi) with Marlon Teixeira and Francisco Lachoswki. These two are popular among their fans and not publicly! There is nothing to discuss.

  26. Kala'i says:

    River is definitely a rising star. Have you not seen River’s fandom lately? It’s ginormous! Of course i’m part of his twitter fandom and he really reaches out to his fans on there :) He’s a lovely model and person.

  27. RomRom says:

    River’s Awesome… He has soo many different looks and can go from boy to man in a split second frame… and have you heard his voice?!??! TEAM RIVER ALL THE WAY!!! (o_O);;

  28. jason says:

    Where is Garrett Neff? He is my gay dream come true. GARRETTTTTTTTTT lol

  29. jason says:

    Baptiste is a beauty, but let’s be honest. The only place you see him is on models.com who is always promoting him.

    But, where’s my dream lover Garrett? Love me some Garrett Neff

  30. Travis says:

    Simon Nessman not being listed is a glaring omission. he has made a large impact for all male models.some of the best editorial shot ..the most advertising shot then all the listed above

  31. Nets x. says:


  32. Nik says:

    Like I’ve said a hundred times now, Noah Mills screams icon. He is one of the few male celebmodels of the moment. His career has been AMAZING!!!

  33. Mathias says:

    I agree Simon has definitely done more advertising shots of both high fashion and lower fashion then all of the guys listed above. If anyone is deserving of this title I believe it would be him.

  34. Alan João says:

    For John,

    If there is nothing to discuss, I would say the same of Giabconi Baptiste, he is a REFERENCE [which does not mean ICON], this is fact. But at the same rate so that Francisco Lachowski, because to be successful in your country is one thing, and the world is another. Hence to say that Chico is currently the 16th among the top 50, was not to be on the list is ridiculous! He is not only a model of time is very good at it .. out that charisma is clear, say by the way a typical Brazilian. Always spontaneous and attentive to all fans in Brazil and gained even more, I think even beyond. It goes from man to boy in a click, stamping covers and lending his face to fashion shows and editorial deferential big names in fashion to the outside world.
    Marlon Teixeira reference is both yes and deserved to be on the list, is a TOP Viiperi River and it is indeed not have what was supposed to be talking to or not .. but ..
    There is much to discuss YES!
    Thank you!
    excuse me for bad english.

  35. John says:

    And Francisco Lachowski stood out for what reason? You did not mention anything that does not make a common model. Francisco is a good model, but there is still much to enter in a list that defines the male models of 2011. What about Baptiste, not only in France but throughout Europe is a success … definitely a fashion icon to be the face of one of the most important brands (if not more important).

    love Noah Mills, Mathias Lauridsen (missed in the list) and Baptiste <3

  36. Ralph says:

    I wish I lived in a world where I could have both for husbands

  37. miguel says:

    AAAGGGGG. The year most boring of my life. “TOP MODELS”:???????????.

  38. miguel says:

    Cover “OUT”: This is not pathetic???.

  39. Nádia says:

    Andrej!!! He’s one of a kind!


  40. Luca says:

    Why isn’t Noah Mills in the icon list? Are we serious?
    There are unknown models inside. Noah is Noah.
    He had a contract for Michael Kors from 2007 to 2010. The face of Dolce & Gabbana with a contract from 2005, now he’s in all the Tommy Hilfiger campaigns, he did Lacoste, Lucky Brand, Emporio Armani, Tom Ford, Ports 1961, Calzedonia, Banana Republic, D&G Fragrance, Breil, Gap, Jones New York, Bottega Veneta, Michael Kors Fragrance and this season he has Salvatore Ferragamo with Gisele and a new Dolce & Gabbana fragrance with Laetitia Casta! He’s also an actor, he did Sex and the City and 2 Broke Girls. He’s an old model, he work from 2004. No words about that. . TERRIBLE! he need the top 5 icon spot at least.

  41. edge says:

    sorry,but marlon teixerra and francisco???

  42. David says:

    Where is Simon Nessman? I think his features are unique!! I really like Arthur Sales, but he is not as well-known as the boys listed above. Sean OPry is an icon these days and River has that cute/innocent face I like. Good job, but Simon definitely had to be there!!

  43. Francesco says:

    Marlon Texeira? Francisco Lachowski? Ben Hill? Simon Nessman? entre outros…onde estão?
    Concordo que os modelos citados pelo site são os mais comentados e celebrados, mas não poderiamos esquecer de outros modelos também…
    Só uma divergencia Baptiste que em minha humilde concepção não deveria entrar para a lista dos top male models icon…MINHA HUMILDE OPNIÃO

  44. Rhianna says:

    Andrej Pejic has just prooved his timelessness and unique qualitys, he’s the only one standing out in this sea of bronzed and hair gelled male models. Take a hint someone?

  45. miguel says:

    Francisco, Fancisco, Fracisco, all, where is Francisco?, Where is Francisco?. “The model of the year???????????. His face is very……mmmmhhhhhh…funny!!!!!!!????????.

  46. miguel says:

    Where is Francisco?. Is her with me in my house.

  47. Yennn says:

    No clement chabernaud ?Sean O’pry and andrej pejic is goooodd

  48. cindy says:

    I think Clement was the model of 2011! He was everywhere…except in this article!

  49. A. says:
  50. titing dolar says:

    Im so happy that my River is on the Top List…i could say..he is superb…and definetly…amazing,,,star is born this way…be reminded…her mom..is a model and her sister is an actress..so…possible..he is on the spot…..Nice one..riv….

  51. Christopher says:

    Clement came and conquered! He ruled 2011 and you know it!
    lol j/k lol

  52. TpC says:

    River’s outfit – u get dizzy looking at it – like an urban disorienting camouflage. and Andrej? wow… never heard of him before but he sure pulls off drag in spades.

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