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Lara by Jamie Hawkesworth in Lara’s own church uniform.

In this exclusive project for models.com, five of England’s most talented young photographers shoot one of the season’s standouts Lara Mullen in their signature styles. Jamie Hawkesworth, Nick Dorey, Scott Trindle, Aitken Jolly and Greta Ilieva capture the Mullen mystique in this captivating series, complete with an interview from the girl of the moment herself.

As one of the season’s standouts, Lara has managed to captivate some of fashion’s most powerful tastemakers. After proving her versatility to the discerning powers that be at Prada, Celine & Givenchy, the bubbly beauty is ready to tackle the editorial pages.

MDC: How were you discovered?

Lara Mullen: I was discovered at the end of August at a music festival by Premier

MDC: What was this first season like for you?

LM: This season was really weird but equally exciting. It all happened so quickly. One minute I was studying for my maths A level within a few days I was on a plane to NY…then changing shoes next to Gisele Bundchen at Givenchy in Paris.

MDC: What was your most memorable experience this season?

LM: I think it has to between my first show – walking for Alexander Wang in NY or confirming the Prada exclusive. They’re both such good shows and the fact that I did them was unbelievable.

MDC: How would you describe your personal style?

LM: I like to wear comfortable clothes. At the minute I’m wearing lots of big chunky jumpers. It’s so cold but my Y-3 Yohji Yamamoto military coat has come to the rescue! I also have quite a few boys shirts that just go well with anything including my trusty Celine bag.

MDC: Where do you see yourself in a few years?

LM: I would love to travel the globe without having to bring my text books everywhere!!

MDC: What are some of your favorite things – movies / music / television / books, etc.

LM: One of my favourite tv shows is “How I Met Your Mother”. It’s just so funny. I also like crime dramas like NCIS and CSI. Music wise I’m really excited because I’ve just got tickets to see Laura Marling next year.

MDC: What is your best quality?

LM: My wit, not being afraid of hard work & the fact I find it hard to say no to friends.

MDC: What do you like to do during your downtime?

LM: When I’m not working or in school I like to just chill out. Watch tv, hang out with my friends and have a good gossip. I also believe that it is important to give back & last summer I went to Lourdes in France as part of an outreach programme to help the elderly.

MDC: Who are your heroes?

LM: Mother Teresa

MDC: Tell us a fact about yourself that is surprising.

LM: I still share a bedroom with my little sister.

By Nick Dorey, stylist Jack Borkett. Erdem jumper, Dion Lee skirt, Uniqlo white shirt, Dominic Jones Jewelry

By Nick Dorey, stylist Jack Borkett

By Scott Trindle, John Colver. Nicole Farhi vest

By Scott Trindle, stylist John Colver. Margaret Howell dress, Falke socks, Mr Hare shoes, Nicole Farhi belt

By Scott Trindle, stylist John Colver. Burberry cap; Graeme Armour top, Margaret Howell skirt

By Scott Trindle, stylist John Colver. Top and skirt by Li Wai Yin (CSM MA graduate 2011)

By Aitken Jolly. Clothing St Edmund Campion (ongoing project)

By Aitken Jolly. Clothing St Edmund Campion (ongoing project)

By Greta Ilieva. Clothing, vintage Chloe

By Greta Ilieva. Clothing, vintage Chloe

Special thanks to Carole White/Premier Model Management for production on this project.

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