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Plastic Fantastic!

A stunning icon of fashion has finally been elevated to the number one spot; Barbie unseats the equally curvaceous Lara Stone for number one model on top 50. The leggy supermodel has been modeling for the past 51 years, so she has certainly paid her dues in the industry, celebrate her beauty and lengthy career…


Prada’s Powerhouse

The focus of Prada’s immaculate fall collection was femininity: both the classically styled shapes and the winning selection of models, represented this ideal perfectly.


Looking Back : 2009’s Best Editorials

Rounding out our 2009 lists are our picks for best editorials of 09. Given that there were literally hundreds of editorials that came out this year, we went with the ones that stood out in our minds, kept us talking or just plain dazzled us.


Couture Candy

This season’s couture shows were a cut above, with memorable looks that are sure to be favorites with stylists and the discerning couture clientele