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The focus of Prada’s immaculate fall collection was femininity: both the classically styled shapes and the winning selection of models, represented this ideal perfectly. Given that Prada is the Milan show to watch for casting and everyone expects to be wowed by the line up, anticipation is always high. This season Russell Marsh, Miuccia and co managed to surprise us all with their mix of VS Angels and incredible new faces.

The big story of the show has to be, Samantha Gradoville, the lovely Nebraskan who opened and closed. Harking back to the refined beauty of former Prada openers like Daria Werbowy and Elise Crombez, but with a charm all her own, Samantha is sure to go very far.

Sam wasn’t the only new face at Prada: Hungarian beauty, Barbara Palvin made her runway debut at the show, what better way to kick off a catwalk career. Argentinian Carla Gebhart, continued a winning streak that started in London, with an appearance at Prada and Finland’s Kirsi Pyrhonen, looked perfect in Miuccia’s designs.

Even though the newcomers made a strong showing, some of the most memorable moments involved familiar faces. It was wonderful seeing both Joan Smalls and Rose Cordero, on the catwalk, the more diversity the better. The addition of Doutzen Kroes and Lara Stone, added another layer of interest as well – what better way to show a the real world potential of a collection, than to utilize women with varying body types?

With such a cutting edge cast and so many incredible models to choose from, it will be very interesting to see the direction Prada goes in come campaign season…


Samantha Gradoville and Barbara Palvin


Rose Cordero and Kirsi Pyrhonen

Patricia van der Vliet and Joan Smalls


Carla Gebhart

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  1. Lovely casting – totally unexpected. At times, I found myself concentrated on the models than the clothes! What a great surprise to see Joan and Rose mix in with regulars like Sigrid and Jac! Samantha’s really stunning – I hope the opening slot will lead her to bigger things! :D

    Overall, the best casting so far, and after perusing, the clothes are wonderful – they needed someone like Bianca Balti and the VS Angels to make it sexy! They werked it! haha

  2. kayleaf i agree. the casting was fantastic, wasn’t a big fan of the clothes but i still love the show since the models were great. sam is beautiful, everyone looked very healthy and i hope this is a positive change for fashion!

  3. Not to mention that this is Ale Ambrosio’s first high fashion runway in like 8 years?! EPIC CASTING!

  4. It is love at first sight! Samantha is so beautiful! Opening AND closing prada as a new face? I cannot wait to see what is next for her.

  5. Sam is unreal! So beautiful and amazing body! Can’t wait to see what is next for her :)

  6. sign fo the time.. Russell Marsh work worth more than Miuccia Prada colleciton ..riducoulus

  7. I was amazed by the total transformation of Ale Ambrosio at the Prada show.

  8. Ricardo Tisci is the one that started this. Casting girls like Adriana Lima or Kristen MC, then everyone followed. Next Proenza will cast Marisa Miller or something. I love this!!

  9. I’m loving Samantha’s look right now. Its so sophisticated yet sexy. Its beautiful and editorial as well. I can tell she will go far. She’s got it all!!!!

  10. OMG what a shame. With these VS Angels in the show Prada will be the new look for all those lovelies from Staten Island,Joisy Shore and Long Gyland. Will this signal the end of Prada being cool and Prada going to the above mentioned stylish masses? Why not go one step further and get Gilles Bensimon or Antione Verglas to shoot the campaign and have The Kardashian’s or J-Woww as the models-HoT!

  11. @ trumancapote

    In case You haven’t noticed, this is, not…

  12. joan smalls looks so much older then the rest of the girls, she looked especially out of place in burberry show… rose on the other hand is so much softer looking <3
    mariacarla was great in prada show..patricia <3
    love the hair and make up.

  13. I loved the Prada show, and the casting was simply wonderful, altough I still miss Sasha, but Alessandra was great I think she is great, miranda was fine but i prefered her in the balenciaga show, sorry but Doutzen didn0t fit at all with the rest of the models. At Janette you have to to remember that all those girls originally started in a high fashion segment Alessandra walked for Oscar de la Renta, Balmain, and Christian Dior among others, Doutzen was an American Vogue favorite, and she even was in the top 50 her on, Miranda she didn’t worked that much but she walked for Jason Wu.

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