Paradigm Shift


The glorious Ubah Hassan champions the cause for new faces Ayaan and Alise with Major and Lily from Muse.

Diversity is one of the most talked about issues within the world of modeling and Bethann Hardison is always at the forefront of the discussion. The legendary Miss Hardison is leading the charge towards a more racially diverse industry and OTM dropped by the “Paradigm Shift” event hosted by Bethann and supermodel Tyson Beckford to meet some of the freshest faces of color in town. The gathering was a chance for top casting directors Anita Bitton, Daniel Peddle, James Scully and Jennifer Starr to view and “re-view” some the most promising minority models and keep this topical discussion going.

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  1. Tyson NEVER ages! OMG good for him! I loved Bethann┬┤s agency in the ┬┤90s, totally rocked! i remember watching her very often during the Model TV episodes!

  2. Yay Ayan! She is gorgeous and I wonder why she does not book more work. But she’s not a new face… she’s been with Major nearly 1 1/2 to 2 yrs now :/

  3. I really hopes this does justice because it’s about time my models of color START getting work.. Start booking GREAT models people!!!!

  4. Beautiful. We live in a “diverse” world. It’s time fashion took notice and “browned” up a little.
    My personal favourites here are Nikki and Jeneil though. You can tell I’m Jamaican eh?

  5. This is pretty awesome. I personally like Jeneil, Chantel and Masson the most. Those three are gorgeous.

  6. Well I could not listen to you guys but the photos speck for itself, Im sure you had a nice time, keep me in mind by Gods help Im commimg up with a label call CREATION3:21 African style fashion so pls wish me the best

    Bob Kennedy

  7. i hope to break into the fashion industry too. the “discrimination” can be so discouraging, and hopefully the slight improvement isn’t just a passing fad. im glad for people like tyson and bethann who give beautiful people of color the oppurtunity and exposure!

  8. WOW! This is inspiring, I think the fashion world needs diverse models, because fashion overall is put into diverse aesthetics! But yeah I hope some agencies recognize my potential as a model! wish me luck guys!

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