MC Squared: Setting The Record Straight

Du Juan/MC squared. Ph. for French Vogue September 05. Image courtesy of MC squared.

In the ever shifting agency game, new players constantly evolve to keep the NY management game challenging. With the debut of MC squared this September, President Jeff Fuller found himself at the helm a stable of new faces already logging campaigns like Marc Jacobs and headlining French Vogue covers alongside Gemma Ward. Tune in as Mr Fuller lifts the veil off his agency for MDC.

1. Jeff, the first thing we should do is to clarify exactly what Mc2 is.

Mc2 (actually MC squared) Model Management is already an active agency on the international scene of the fashion business. Energy = Mc2. Fresh new energy has been infused into the launch of our organization in the form of a few select new faces that have already become successful. Mc2, keeping the best of the former Karin NY, was born taking a few months of preparation.

2. What will be the difference between your direction of the former board at Karin and the board at Mc2?

Mc2 is dedicated to real management. We are finding new girls and giving them the opportunity to become a professional model under the best circumstances. This approach takes the model’s mental health seriously in order to preserve her future in the business and in doing so creating a solid platform with the intention of maximizing as much longevity in the business as possible. Mc2 focuses on creating the right editorial connections for our new models while not losing sight of the long term management of the model’s career, and making sure that those editorial outlets and connections eventually translate into substantial income for the individuals we represent.

3. Who are some of the key faces to look out for at Mc2?

Du Juan (Presently exclusive with French Vogue and featured on October cover), Tarah Rogers (with a major cosmetics contract in the works), Ieva (Marc Jacobs campaign), Dace, Ginta, Eliza, Marta Stempniak, Liu Dan, Denise, and Kate Glika.

4. What kind of new faces are you seeking at this time for your agency?

We are always looking for cultural diversity in the form of young women that are strikingly beautiful with individual characteristics that make them unique in one way or another.

5. How do you structure the scouting at Mc2?

We have a contest called New Generation that brings together models from most of the major countries of the world. Several of our contest finalists have broken into the business in the last year with some substantial success. We have an extensive international scouting program with several scouts on the road at any given time, and more during preparation for New Generation. In late 2005 and in 2006 we are planning to increase our scouting presence in the United States and Canada.

6. What would you say are the worst things an aspiring model can do that will turn you off at the scouting level?

Listening to too many different people while trying to gain an understanding of the business. Also potential models and parents shouldn’t assume they comprehend and understand the business because they have read a book, a few articles, or have attended some sort of quasi-educational modeling convention. New faces need to come with an open mind for new direction and/or potential change.

7. Could you talk a little bit about the parent’s role in scouting?

We are involving the parents and the mother agencies from the start. For nearly all of the new girls it is crucial that they have the support of their family. Additionally, parents not aware of this business (which is the norm) have to discover a new world and understand it. Once the parents have understood that it’s a great and real opportunity for their child, they are a positive moral support for their kids. Throughout all of the processes involved in becoming a professional model we have to make it possible for the kids to finish school and start their career.

8. And finally, what is your ultimate vision for Mc2?

At its most basic level what we want to do is build a world class agency with great talent management where values matter.

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