Top Ten New Faces SS 07: Alana

Alana/Supreme Ph. Paul Rowland

Every season there is a girl who flies under the radar in NY, only to be swept up in a whirlwind of coveted bookings once she gets to Europe. 18 year old Canadian beauty Alana Zimmer is on the mythic fast track to that fate as her runway turns for Marc Jacobs,Proenza, Generra, Marc by Marc, TSE testify. What’s Alana’s secret for such perfect runway poise? “Listen to the music and walk confidently,” she says with a wink. And as James Tinnelly at Supreme brilliantly describes it. “They’ll be making moulds of this girl’s face one day. Alana’s features are so symmetrical, so polite!” Of course the fact that those symmetrical features have already been conscripted for Only Girls edits in Numero were an early signal. Once the booking action switches to Milan, expect Ms Alana Zimmer to be a model most coveted. All the stars are aligned!

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