1. I’m impressed, so exceptional this video. I miss all the faces of the nineties and those photos so spectacular, interesting, and unrepeatable.

  2. I haven´t seen Karen in I don´t even know how many years!! This is absolutely GREAT!

  3. I remember the PL image in 1988 on the beach for Vogue, that one was the original and first b&w shot of the supers of the time including Tatiana Patitz, Estelle Lefebure, Linda Evangelista, Karen Alexander, Christy Turlington and Rachel Williams.

  4. Great Composition and peaceful compilation. Sparks emotions from within..I Love it

  5. I often wonder what’s happened with the industry. So many beautiful iconic faces in the 90’s. Now, still beautiful but in a different way, just the model of the moment and who has the most instagram followers then then they’re gone models. Shame…

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