Four Musically Gifted Models to Follow

Is it okay to be totally envious of these models’ musical gift? Check out these sweet serenades from multitalented models who maybe could quit their day job if they wanted to (but we’re hoping they stick around). Try not to be won over by runway muse Hedvig Palm‘s Swedish lullaby or 16 year old Willow Hand‘s winning rendition–it’s impossible.

Hedvig Palm

Had a little free time between go sees, so I found a guitar center! 🎶🎸🎶🎸 #guitarcenter #brooklyn A video posted by Willow Hand (@willow.hand) on

Willow Hand

Cause it’s too cold for you here

A video posted by Irina Liss (@irinaliss) on

Irina Liss

Chantal Stafford-Abbott

  1. Everybody sings at this moment??? Making good music is very difficult and complicated, and it takes a lot of talent!!!

  2. Oh i love Hedvig, she’s so classical and in good way quaint! what a lovely girl she is!

  3. Willow and Irina are to die for, especially when they’re together!

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