May 2016 (Editorial)
Makeup Artist: Giorgia Pambianchi
Director of Photography: Paolo Simi
February 2016 (Editorial)
Director: Qiu Yang
Fashion Editor/Stylist: Thomas Vermeer
October 2015 (Other)
Fashion Editor/Stylist: Keegan Singh
Hair Stylist: Esther Langham
Makeup Artist: Justine Purdue
Casting Director: Beth Dubin
September 2015 (Editorial)
Director of Photography: Patrick Sher
August 2015 (Editorial)
Director: Casey Brooks
July 2015 (Editorial)
Director: Casey Brooks
July 2015 (Other)
Photographer: Sharif Hamza
Fashion Editor/Stylist: Clare Byrne
Hair Stylist: Charles McNair
Makeup Artist: Sandy Ganzer
September 2014 (Editorial)
Hair Stylist: Meggie Cousland
Makeup Artist: Linda Andersson