Couture Candy

This season’s couture shows were a cut above, with memorable looks that are sure to be favorites with stylists and the discerning couture clientele. From the seasoned pros to the freshest faces the models stood out almost as much as the clothes did – who didn’t love the girls in black ponytails at Givenchy or Lara‘s surprise turn as the bride at Chanel. As always Eric Sposito was along for the ride and brings you a glimpse of behind the scenes at the Givenchy and Giorgio Armani shows.

Catch up with your favorite girls and more!

  1. Ethnic models were completely absent this season. I can’t believe Sessilee lopez, kinee diouf, Jourdan, Mia AMinata etc didn’t even do a single show. How shameful!

  2. …Magdalena is my fave from that lot, although I do like Lakshmi too though.

  3. This a great pic, this is moment! also is Christ like…. very beautifully! this is fashion.

  4. Some of these girls are going to be remembered a decade from now. Not Lara Stone i guess! People from W Magazine are thinking that the a cover featuring some complements about a model can make her a supermodel..this is not how its done, you should take the girl to other media first – than a magazine -, make ser SPEAK in front of an audience – specially today with so many talk shows – and then make people become fond of her, and nowadays people are not that much interested in fashion magazines. Well, i dont have the formula on ‘ how to make an unknown model into a supermodel’. I just wanna praise Mr Tisci for a very nice couture show!
    Thats it!

  5. I just wanna praise Mr Tisci for the excellent couture show! But i got a lil bit sentimental in the beggining hehehe
    I believe some of the girls featured on the photo truly deserve to be remembered a decade from now, and i highlighted that point of view =)

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