1. Katie is absolutely amazing! What an awesome first season. I look forward to all of her future successes!

  2. i feel so bad how she tumble on prada

    that was a break or make monment

    but i have faith in this girl :]

  3. katie is STUNNING!! she should be part of the CK4! i hope her fall didn’t slow the bookings!

  4. katie fogarty is kind of a huge deal.
    shes probably the best thing since sliced bread.
    no biggie.

  5. I was so sad to see that she messed up in the Prada show. Poor thing.
    But you know what, that was the only moment in the show.

  6. eek! that was a scary fall! sorry katie!hope you didnt twist your ankle!you’ll go far! go st louis! ha ha

  7. she’s good. i’m mad she doesn’t go to school w/ me anymore.

  8. My word she is amazingly atonishing beauitful. And OMG her features are heavenly unique. Reminds me of those girls from those middle aged (/the royal times movies.). And it suprises me that she is american. She looks to me more german than american(nothing bad just my own opinion). :)

    Coron@ Ju@N

  9. katie is new and has much future, but as a legitimate Brazilian,
    I hope it gets to the level of Gisele Bundchen and Raquel Zimmermann

  10. She’s a kid foo! And she should be in school learning chemistry.

    God (unity) is the night.
    Satan (chaos) is the light.
    Life is the fight.

    The definition of Human social evolution is the progressive elimination of Chaos so get with the program.

  11. she is stunning
    her face is so fresh
    & she has a beautiful bone structure

  12. katie is going to be really big someday, and i am going to sell her freshman chemistry goggles on ebay for a fortune.

  13. I love her i worked with her at a show i helpd tie her shoes haha cant wait to see her again for the spring and summer shows! 703-598-6019 contact

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