1. She is pretty but honestly she looks like a lot of girls out right now minus the lips. I do like her naturalness in the video. A negative is her teeth. There is a part where she slightly opened up her mouth and her 2 front teeth looked sharp and separated, almost like Lara Stone’s gap…but not as attractive as a model’s teeth should be IMO.

  2. in my opinion she looks ready to break through.
    except that i think that she might be a little too young..
    btw her lips are special, woow!
    i wish her good luck :)

  3. I am impressed, knowing that she came from LA. WOW……if a Chanel (mademoiselle), D&G, or CK exclusive campaign will snatch her….she could be really really BIG!!!!

  4. looks like a very very mix of “young” Angelina Jolie and Drew Barrymore…..

    I can see “STAR” Quality

  5. Nice now. What about in three years? Girls faces change in their mid teens. Definitely needs the teeth fixed. A wait and see.

  6. I’v never seen lips like those before . And the teeth do not need to be fixed ,they add a quirk. I think casting agents who like Imogen Morris Clarke , Eniko Mihalik and Katie Fogarty will have an interest in this new girl

  7. Her teeth need no fixing, and if she continue to have a healthy lifestyle, work out and such, her beauty will just improved with age…..she looks good….

  8. she can be a star with the right moves…beau t ful..id love to shoot her.

  9. She is certainly beautiful, and has a face you remember. But her gap tooth should be kept hidden. Her walk also should be a little more graceful, like she should pick up her feet a little more, but she is just 15.

  10. She is stunning, but what is wrong with her teeth.
    She sould fix that while she is young, so in a year she will be perfect!

    LOVE HER!!!!

  11. The title mislead me xD to tell you the truth I wasn’t expecting much but WOW Never seen such perfect heart-shape lips, luscious and Pink <3 and those ocean blue eyes! She has a clean eastern-european look not so LA perse *L.A. Woman by The Doors come to mind*. I personally like the teeth gives her a quirky edginess

  12. she model material. she does have a face you see on evry model but her lips define her….she hit it closer or higher than chanel iman i think

  13. She’s BEAUTIFUL! I think many agents will agree with me. gorgeous body, her eyes are amazing, her hair and her LIPS is wat defines her and makes herunique nd stands out from the crowd of people like her. just the teeth.. i didn’t catch a very good glimse but she shuld fix that.. if it’s what i think it looks like. If it’s just a gap its still unique

  14. Finally something new!!!
    Im sick of all those blond white girls with that air of nothing that at the end of the day look all the same and is so imposible to recognize who is who.
    This girl is gold!!!
    Only 15 years old… she will have a long LONG career if she stay in the right agency and when I say right I mean the one who help her to build a career pushing her in the right direction and giving her the best advices.
    Is so difficult to forget that face, those lips, she is 100% comercial product! Can’t wait to see her on magazines and campaigns. Im sure she will surprise us.
    About her teeth, yes… she should fix them, her strong spot on her face is her lips so teeth will be notice where ever she goes. Better fix them asap. Im a lil bit concern about her body, she is only 15 so it will change in a couple of years, better to keep an eye on that.

    Love her!

  15. Those lips are very unique indeed, and her eyes are gorgeous. I’d prefer her teeth aren’t fixed, they add a quirkiness that I like. One thing I worry about though is that she’s only 15 and 5’11”, and there’s the possibility she could grow more still. It’d be unfortunate if she ended up being 6’2″ or something and too tall for modeling. Though, there have been exceptions, Erin O’Connor for instance.. Anywho, should keep an eye on her, she’s beautiful.

  16. That’s our girl!!! She started in Wichita, KS at Models and Images. We think she’s something UBER special!

  17. That bee is on FIRE!!!!!~~ Let me photo her properly!! Hollahhhh…whoever said her lips aRE TOO BIG MUST BE A hall monitor or something tireddd_______

  18. she is from wichita, kansas and this is only the tip of the iceburg. her teeth are a beautiful compliment to the symmetry of her lips and eyes. she is a complete natural and art with just the right amount of softness and sharp edged honesty. her talk and her laugh make it all even better. her name is Lindsey with an E.

  19. She’s problee one of the nicest, most intelligent galls ive ever known. and im farelee excited fewr her rite now. as peculiar as it is to see strangers commenting on one of yewr friends….she’ll make it big.her face and personaliti will carry her through it eye think….

  20. She is really so gorgeous… Lin bears some resemblance with Angelina Jolie. And I think that graps attention from aside, i.e. you see her face, and still that image goes deep in your mind.. Her new photoshoots are great… Go, girl! =)

  21. Her lips really are voluptuous yet she does have quite a ‘common’ look. And with some of the commenter’s I agree that her teeth should be fixed as the gap in her two front teeth distract you from her beauty in my opinion. One thing I don’t really like is her chin, it has quite a strong dimple and at 00:27 it looks like it’s lopsided. Albeit since she is only 15 this does give her enough time to fix her teeth but this doesn’t mean that puberty will be 100% on her side. Let’s just hope it is and wish her the best of luck.

  22. Wow this girl went to my school last year. She was a freshman! she is so pretty.

  23. she goes to my highschool. everyone is talking about her majorly. she’s really pretty, though.
    when she walks in the hallways, she looks really graceful.
    the girl’s comment above me.. i know her. hahah she’s in my math class. HI BRITTANY T :D

  24. gosto dos dentes! é natural é dela! e ela não precisa mudar só porq as pessoas acham q o bonito é ter dentes juntinho!!^^

  25. I think she is absolutely gorgeous, she is my favorite model at the moment. She is down to earth and seems like a great girl. I dont think having a gap makes her less atractive I think it makes me her especially when she smiles!

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