Lindsey Wixson: True To Life

Lindsey Wixson in Life

Lindsey Wixson for

After holding strong at Prada for a second season , one of  OTM’s favorite new forces is more than maintaining her momentum in Milan  with turns for Missoni, Versace, Versus, Max Mara. And for proof of the ongoing fascination check out Lindsey’s new feature at detailing her daily life in the New York show week trenches. Through all those castings, fittings and shows, that very unique girl’s face beams with …life.

  1. I don’t know why, but I love that picture! Something about her looks really classic to me.

  2. It’s not just the gap, it’s the length of her front teeth. Sometimes those things are endearing, but I’m sorry, I think it’s just a bit too much in her case.

  3. she looks a bit scary here…her teeth look way too long.
    love her though, unique

  4. I know they want to maker her unique but that cover is just mortifying. She look like Kate and Lara with rabbit fangs!

    “Special” , I may say?

  5. I think her teeth look that long because the photo has some blurring to it. My first thoughts seeing this photo were Bridget Bardot and Kate Moss.

  6. …the Bardot look ( Brigitte, not Bridget )is fine, but NOT those teeth. That feature makes her seasonal, not intemporal.
    She does not look like Kate Moss at all.

  7. They refer to her as a top model . Shes walked in some of the top shows this season yes but this is only her second season after all. It’s a bit premature isn’t it?

  8. its a cute little rabit :) or the female equivalent of my boy taylor fuchs.

  9. She’s beautiful but she has some flaws. Those teeth are just creepy and her eyebrows are too thin. I don’t think someone could possibly have teeth that long, it must be some kind of flaw in the photograph.

  10. I agree with Anna. I just cannot get on board with this girl- she drives me nuts. If it weren’t for those lips, she’s be a no one.

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