Candy Girl

PH: Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin | Creative Director: Nicola Formichetti

Never a brand to conform, Diesel has a new darling, Brooke Candy (David Todd Model MGMT) whose quick wit and altered style separates her from the rest. A video with Grimes, a campaign shot by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, and a Playboy calendar cover with Terry Richardson (Art Partner) means this triple threat is only getting started. See below as Brooke talks about her unique past and drive as an artist.

Interview by Kristen Bolt
Images courtesy of DT Model Management

How has growing up in Los Angeles shaped your fashion aesthetic?

I think Los Angeles does have a general fashion aesthetic, but no specific uniform for what’s cool or acceptable, so I think growing up in Los Angeles has allowed me to explore my look and be really weird. I’ve never really cared about what other girls around me are wearing, I just like to express what I’m feeling through my aesthetic, and I’m usually feeling really fucking odd.

With your family ties to Hustler, do you think you have more of an open approach to sexuality?

There was an interesting paradox in my youth because I was exposed to the imagery of Hustler but ironically my parents were still quite strict and prudish with the way I was able to express myself and my sexuality. So when I did start expressing my views on nudity and sexuality there was quite a resistance to it from both of them, but I don’t find nudity to be offensive, I think all body types are beautiful and deserve to celebrated equally.

At what point did you begin rapping and who were your influences?

I always grew up making little raps since middle school. I was influenced a lot by strong women, Lil Kim and Left Eye and all the great females really inspired me.

What was it like working with Grimes and how was the collaborative process?

It was great! Grimes is a great girl and such a visionary. She has a strong vision of exactly what she wants her project to be, which I responded to because I’m the same way. It’s amazing to see another strong smart girl making her own way in this industry.

If you could send one message to the world through your art what would it be?

Don’t be afraid of your own power. Embrace what you hate about yourself because it may be your greatest strength. I want to free all oppressed and mentally enslaved people and let the world know there’s a place for all of us. We’re all special and weird and different but we’re not alone.

Diesel x Nicola Formichetti is your newest endeavor and the fashion world has welcomed you with open arms. What are you future aspirations within the industry?

I’ve been involved in the process of directing and story boarding my own videos so I think that will always be something I’m involved with and may pursue further. I’m always thinking 10 years ahead but I can’t reveal exactly what I’ve got up my sleeve, right now just focusing on recording my debut album. World domination will follow.


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