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Intermission Magazine is back and better than ever. The latest issue is brimming with cool content that merges fashion, art and culture into an irresistible melange. Caroline Brasch Nielsen stares out from the cover in a stark shot by Fabien Baron. Inside profiles of innovators like Mario Sorrenti and Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez of Proenza Schouler provide insight and intelligent commentary on the state of the business. Editorially there is plenty of eye-candy to enjoy, with standout stories featuring the talents of Nicola Formichetti, Sebastian Kim, Brian Molloy, Anthon Maule, Jay Massacret, John Scarisbrick & Tom Van Dorpe. To delve deeper into the forthcoming edition and the mag’s new attitude, we spoke with Editors in Chief, Patrik Sehlstedt and John Scarisbrick about print, pop culture and all Intermission has in store.

What do you hope to bring to Intermission as the new EIC?

We hope to be able to do more and deeper interviews and features with artists, musicians and designers that we really like! People who we think are making a difference and are trying to find new ways and pushing the boundaries. Some established ones who still love challenges, but also newer ones who are hungry to show their skills. It is important that our vision of Intermission magazine is kept, with the mix of different collaborators contributions, but not limited creatively. We hope we can show a different angle than you would see in the bigger commercial publications. With us you find an alternative.

What makes issue no. 7 different?

Well, for starters it´s the first time that someone else than us has shot the cover. Brian Molloy is the new fashion director and the calibre of the contributors has never been better. We have had more people involved in making the issue. Step by step we are staffing positions we haven´t had before and that is starting to show. We want to involve creatives of different disciplines much more but within the Intermission “world”.

What do you feel makes a print publication modern and essential in this age of digital?

First of all, the experience is very different between a well printed and designed physical magazine and an online publication. We still absolutely love getting our hands on a good new issue of a favorite magazine, whereas looking on the web you just cannot get that particular feeling. Having said that we still think the combination of a printed publication and a digital platform is essential these days. We are behind regarding our website, in fact it isn´t up to date at all right now and we are aimig to do a relaunch within shortly.

Can you tell us a bit more about the Mario Sorrenti feature?

It´s a feature we have wanted to do for a long time. What´s fun and interesting about it is that it doesn´t at all focus on his fashion images. The whole interview is about his nudes and his self portraits which he usually does in the nude himself. We think people will enjoy it, we did!

What can we expect from Intermission in the future?

We will work harder trying to break new ground in terms of creativity. We want to see more things we haven´t seen before and present it in the Intermission way. We now have one foot in Scandinavia and one in New York and that unusual combination we think can present interesting collaborations, features and ideas. We´re a young and independent magazine, but between us all we have many years of experience. We want to make it stronger and stronger in its expression without losing focus and keeping the tastefulness we believe we stand for.




Ph.Fabien Baron | Fashion Editor – Ludivine Poiblanc (Paris: Management + Artists, New York: Management + Artists) | Models – Caroline Brasch NielsenJuliana Schurig




Ph. Mario Sorrenti | Fashion Editor – Nicola Formichetti | Model – Mathilde Frachon




Ph. Patrik Sehlstedt | Fashion Editor – Brian Molloy | Model –Zuzanna Bijoch


Ph. John Scarisbrick | Fashion Editor – Tom Van Dorpe (Paris: Management + Artists, New York: Management + Artists) | Model – Janice Alida



Ph. Mario Sorrenti




Ph. Sebastian Kim | Fashion Editor – Brian Molloy | Models – Tilda Lindstam and Antonina Vasylchenko


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